How to Stop Being Bored with a Standard 50mm Lens

The 50mm lens puts photographers into one of two camps. Some subscribe to it like they’re going to church. They listen to its every word and receive joy similar to being part of a passionate community. Other photographers think the 50mm lens is also like church, but they’re the folks who sleep during the sermon until someone lets them know they’re snoring. Those people will keep a 50mm lens around just because they might need one. But in the past few years, I’ve found ways to make the 50mm lens less boring.

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A Simple Camera Trick Can Get You the Blade Runner Look You Love

If you’re looking for the Blade Runner look, it’s all about tweaking a simple camera setting.

Of course, it depends on what generation you belong to, but the Blade Runner look is still something often copied. Folks love it! And we too admit it’s entertaining. There are two variations of the look. Arguably, the older and more classic look has defined lots of fantasy. You can surely do it all in post-production, but you’ll spend a lot less time at a computer editing if you just understand how it works in the first place.

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Sigma Launches Lens Finder To Help Find The Right Lens

Sigma launched a new portion of their website entitled Lens Finder. What it does is asks you to check off a couple of boxes and automatically recommends lenses for your purposes. I’m currently looking through for photojournalism, weddings and portraits.

Give it a try for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments below. And if you’re confused by the terminology, check this out. Also be sure to look at our coverage of lenses to help you out as well.