New Photographers: I’m Begging You to Not Be This Guy

New photographers tend to do things that annoy lots of people, and this is something you shouldn’t do at all.

If someone were constantly shooting a flash in your face, how would you react? Wouldn’t your eyes need a break? It would get annoying and you’d probably want to commit a small act of violence against the offender. So what happened to me and a buddy the other night at a Seiko event is the more modernized version of that. Instead of using a flash, a photographer just had a straight LED light on top of their Canon EOS R and shot non-stop. It was really, really annoying for a number of reasons.

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This Reddit Thread Is a Must Read for New Photographers Everywhere

New photographers should check out this Reddit thread filled with priceless advice.

Starting out in photography can be incredibly challenging, and for most people, incredibly overwhelming as well. Once you get past the headache of picking out your first camera and first lens, you have to deal with learning about composition, the exposure triangle, editing, and so much more. Going at it alone can be tough, but thanks to a new thread on Reddit, you can get hints, tips, and some priceless advice on what to avoid doing. If you know some new photographers or you are a new photographer yourself who needs some guidance, join us after the break to find out more about this incredible thread. Continue reading…

New Photographers: Please Stop Supporting Unsplash, Support Behance

You don’t need to keep giving your rights up photographers; you can still have self-respect.

The motivation for this piece comes not only from the message that I’ve been actively preaching about Unsplash and the companies supporting them, but also because I’ve noticed that a ton of new photographers who enjoy showcasing their work on Reddit just don’t know any better. And so it is my genuine hope that everyone shares this message with every other photographer that they know. This isn’t at all a sponsored post for Behance–we’re pretty strict about our editorial policies and transparency in a journalism world where so many aren’t. I don’t want to call this a public service announcement, but instead I want to call this my beckoning to photographers to stop giving up their work and their creativity for free.

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