Add a Cinematic Look to Your Photos. Irix Edge Vari ND 2-5 Filter Review

Irix Edge Vari ND 2-5 filter waterproof coating

They’re very popular in cinematography circles for their cine lens lineup, and just a couple of months ago, Irix Lens released a new range of variable ND filters. They say it’s one of the slimmest and most compact ND filters in the market. The Irix Edge Vari ND 2-5 filter comes in two versions – the Magnetic Mount System (MMS) version and the more standard screw-in version. I received a copy of the latter for our review and was pleasantly pleased with the color rendition and lack of X pattern banding in the images taken with it.

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A Professional Twenty in One Kit – Freewell Magnetic VND Filters

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Variable Neutral Density (VND) filters have traditionally had a negative connotation attached to them. This is because of the dreaded X pattern that appears as you rotate the filters to obtain varying degrees of density. The folks at Freewell claim you won’t experience this when using their new Magnetic VND filters. They’re not wrong. During three days of testing, I never once faced anything close to this image-killing X when using these filters. What’s more amazing is that they double as CPL filters if you flip them around. Freewell has done an outstanding manufacturing job with these filters. Read more to see how they fared in our review.

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No More Screwing Around: Haida M10 Insert Variable ND Filter Review

Tired of screwing variable NDs on and off of your lenses all the time? The Haida M10 Insert Variable ND Filter aims to make that a thing of the past.

When it comes to neutral density filters, variable NDs are favored by many photographers for their versatility. Instead of carrying a bunch of individual ND filters of different strengths, VNDs cover a set ND range that can be adjusted on the fly. However, the way traditional variable NDs are designed (where two rotating rings are essentially conjoined) can sometimes make them a pain to remove. A filter wrench is often required. Haida is looking to change the way photographers use variable NDs. By leveraging their M10 Filter Holder System, photographers no longer have to screw and unscrew filters, VNDs included. The Haida M10 Insert Variable ND Filter works in concert with the company’s own M10 Drop-In Neutral Density and Circular Polarizing Filters. When combined, the M10 Insert VND acts as a multiplier for the M10 Drop-In ND/CPLs’ ND rating. Depending on the amount of light reduction needed, simply swap out the corresponding Drop-In ND/CPL rather than unscrewing a VND and screwing on a stronger one in its place. Sounds great in theory, but how well does the Haida M10 Insert Variable ND Filter work in the real world?

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Breakthrough Photography Announces its New Line of Ultra-Skinny X-Series Lens Filters

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Breakthrough Photography X-Series Filters Product Images-09

Breakthrough Photography just announced its new X-Series lens filter lineup. There are three new types of filters in the line, but they are all ultra-slim measuring between 3.5 and 3.2mm. The filters are also made with glass from Germany and Japan with advanced coatings and a weather-sealed construction.

Firstly the X1 is your standard UV filter except with a much thinner profile compared to most filters. The X2 filters, meanwhile, come as a three or six stop neutral density with UV reduction all wrapped with an aluminum frame. Lastly, the X3 Traction filters are made with CNC cut brass frames and SCHOTT B270 glass from Germany. The X3 filters also are available as 3-stop and 6-stop neutral density and UV filters.

All the X-Series lens filters are also double-threaded, weather-sealed, and backed with a 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee. The new X-Series filters just became available for pre-order on Kickstarter and are expected to ship out this December or later.

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