Joseph Jackson Spent Time Under his Microscope While in Lockdown

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“I immensely enjoyed getting lost in these little worlds, at a time where we were all very isolated”, says Joseph Jackson. “…hopefully it will make people look at the everyday objects around them in a new way, seeing the hidden beauty in mundane objects”, he mentions about his project Odyssey. Beginning in March 2020, the UK had imposed several weeks of lockdown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Just prior to its start, Joseph grabbed some boxes of equipment from his studio in London to spend his time at home creatively.

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How Silvia Becker Photographs Curious, Microscopic Shells on the Beach

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“Just about every new foraminifera I find is unknown to me,” Silvia Becker tells me. As a photomicrographer, she’s studied everything from microcrystals to bacteria, but one subject she returns to again and again are foraminifera shells, or the remains of single-cell protists found in marine environments. While foraminifera (forams for short) can range from around 100 micrometers to 20 centimeters in size, most of the shells she’s photographed hover around one millimeter or smaller. And they’re all unique. 

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Justin Zoll Photographed the Beauty of Crystallized Amino Acids

All photos by Justin Zoll. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The invention of the microscope has opened our eyes to a totally surreal and stunning realm that would otherwise be unknown to us. It led to countless breakthroughs, not only in science but also art. A perfect example is how Ithaca, New York-based Justin Zoll has found a way to use the power of microscopy to reveal the colorful and kaleidoscopic world hiding beneath crystallized amino acids. If you’re into the unique imagery created by the merging of art and science, you’ll surely find this body of work fascinating.

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These Photos of Butterfly Wings Consist of 2,100 Merged Images Each

Chris Perani unravels the mind-blowing tapestry of textures that we can only find from extreme close-ups of butterfly wings.

If you think you got your macro photography game going, wait until you get it as strong as Chris Perani’s. In his incredible ongoing project, Butterfly Wings, he takes us to a stunning macro world brimming with exquisite detail unseen to the naked eye. This is macro photography taken to microscopic depths, and the way he creates these photos is in itself impressive.

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Watch This Mesmerizing Timelapse Video of How Snow Flakes are Formed

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 8.00.27 AM

Snowflakes aren’t exactly the easiest things in the world to photograph. Capturing those beautiful delicate flakes and their unique symmetrical intricacies is hard enough; it takes gentle steady hands and plenty of patience too. That’s probably one of the reasons why images of them are so fascinating and hypnotic.

Making a video of how they form and grow, on the other hand, that’s an entirely different ballgame. But it’s definitely not impossible, as Moscow-based videographer Vyacheslav Ivanov proves in his new timelapse video.

In his video entitled “Snowtime”, Ivanov expertly captures the mesmerizing microscopic process of snowflakes. Not much is said about how exactly he did it and what sort of equipment he utilized to make the video but he did use a microscope and what we’re assuming are lab-grown snowflakes.

If you’re wondering, we can definitely say for sure that there are no CGIs involved here as Ivanov has done other microscopic experimental videos in the past using other materials like the magnetic ferrofluid.

Springtime is almost here, which means that winter is counting down its last remaining days. Let’s give it the proper and gorgeous send off it may or may not deserve, depending on which part of the Northern Hemisphere you’re in, by watching Ivanov’s incredible video.

See it after the jump.

Via Imaging Resource
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Yashica Mobile Digital Microscope MS-01 With 500X Zoom is Now Available


If you search for the name Yashica on our blog, old film cameras come up . When I saw the news that Yashica is still making cameras, I was in shock. At least, the name is still being used. The latest camera is a palm-sized digital microscope. This particular camera  was recently released by SAMURAI MARKETING INC. It has a 2.7 inch monitor, a 5MP sensor, a 5mm -50mm focal length and built-in LED lights. This new camera has a 500x zoom capability and is meant for a niche market.

Via Akihabaranews

Review: Yasuhara Nanohax5 5x Macro Lens (Micro Four Thirds)

Yasuhara sent us their latest 5x Macro lens for review. We previously had a hands-on experience with it and after lots of use, this lens that turns your camera into a microscope is bound to have some very interesting applications. The company used to produce screw mount rangefinder cameras with TTL metering amongst other film using cameras.

So in the end, will this become your next fun accessory to keep in your camera bag?

Editor’s Note: Because I know everyone will ask, the strap is from the Olympus Pen Premium Case.

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