The Leica 28mm F2 Matte Black Is Beautiful Inside and Out

Our staff has reviewed every Leica M-mount lens currently on the market. As much as we adore them, I’m sure we’d be happier with matte black variants of their lenses. Matte exteriors have a few characteristic differences and advantages over more polished surfaces. And that’s precisely what Leica is doing with their new 28mm Summicron variant. The Leica 28mm f2 Matte Black is less shiny and flashy than their other lenses. If you’ve beaten your camera up with lots of patina to showcase, this might be the one you want. Cue George Michael’s Careless Whisper, please.

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The Best Leica Lenses Under $3,000 (With a Gorgeous Render)

“I finally get it,” is what a friend and long-time reader of the Phoblographer told me recently. He tried out a Leica M4-P and realized immediately what he was missing out on. Leica cameras and lenses can’t be understood by looking at measurement charts or reading the comments from trolls on the internet. Like experiencing the perfect couch or bed, it has to happen in person. And once you get a taste, you’ll be hooked. So to help photographers dive in at a more affordable investment, we’re rounding up the best Leica lenses under $3,000. We’ve reviewed all of these ourselves, so check this out!

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3 of the Best Lenses for the Leica M11 (You’ll Love These)

The Leica M11 answers the demands of many a photographer. It boasts image quality that looks like slide film while balancing the needs for both resolution and dynamic range. Plus, there’s a cool brass version. We reviewed the Leica M11 already and really loved working with it. So if you’re considering buying one, make sure you’ve got good lenses. Here are some of the best lenses for the Leica M11. And trust us, we’ve reviewed pretty much every Leica M-mount lens.

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The Leica M Lens Guide: How to Pick the Right One for You

We’ve got some great news; we’ve reviewed every single Leica M-Mount lens currently offered! We’re incredibly excited to have done this. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about Leica optics and even about ourselves as photographers. Leica M lenses help you move at two speeds: super fast or super slow. (Sometimes, it’s a great idea to slow down. You potentially make better photos.) Without further adieu, we’re letting you dive into our Leica M Lens Guide. It’s complete with tips, naming conventions, tech specs, and blips from our full reviews. Plus, each lens featured here has a sample image from our reviews. All our reviews are done independently and according to our journalistic ethics — which adhere closely to what traditional magazines and newspapers have done. We hope this helps you find the right lens.

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The Essential Guide to the Leica SL Lenses

For well over a decade, we’ve worked diligently to review as many lenses as we possibly can. We believe that lenses are the lifeblood of a camera system. The Leica L mount camera system is one of the oldest mirrorless full-frame systems, and Leica SL lenses have grown since it started. In our typical fashion, we dove into our Reviews Index to find all our reviews of all Leica SL lenses, and we’re putting them all in this roundup for you. Interested in a Leica SL2 or Leica SL2-S? Well, here are the lenses you might be interested in.

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Wider Than 85mm. 3 Great Portrait Lenses For a Different Look

If there is one thing that’s often taught, it’s to not shoot portraits with anything wider than an 85mm lens. But honestly, that’s also changed in the past few years. Lenses as wide as 28mm are great for shooting portraits. And in their pursuit of clinical perfection, manufacturers have made portrait lenses more capable. Lucky for you, we dove into our Reviews Index to find some great ones. You’ll love these!

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How to Shoot Beautiful Street Photography With a Leica 28mm Lens

The 28mm lens is a classic focal length for many photographers. It’s true that 35mm and 50mm lenses tend to see more of the spotlight and are romanticized more often. But the 28mm lens embodies the truth that if your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough. If you’re shooting street photography, one of the best lenses you can grab is a Leica 28mm lens. In this guide, we’ll go through how to get the most from them!

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The Leica 28mm Lens: Choosing One for M-Mount Cameras

The 28mm lens is fantastic for street photography and everyday documentary imagery. And for years, photographers have loved the Leica 28mm lens. They’ve reached for different variations of it too. Ergonomically speaking, they’re a fantastic focal length on Leica M camera bodies. And there are options for different budgets and demands. We’ve got a special treat for the Leica photographer and those interested in their beautiful M-Mount lenses today. Here’s our Leica 28mm lens guide!

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to the Wonderful Leica SL Prime Lenses

At The Phoblographer, we work diligently to produce the most lens reviews of any independent photo publication. Our small team takes the lenses into the field to put them to the test. We use them the way passionate photographers would. And we take our passions seriously. With so much interest in the Leica SL system, we dove into our Reviews Index to lend a bit of guidance. Are you ready to make the Leica commitment so many of history’s best photojournalists have? Then take a look at this guide to Leica SL Prime Lenses.

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How to Use the Leica SL2-S for Photojournalism: A Guide

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The Leica SL2-S has quickly become one of my favorite cameras. It’s got character, it feels great, and more importantly, it’s far different than all other cameras on the market. If a lot of cameras on the market are boring you, then the Leica SL2-S is probably what you want. It’s one of the reasons I picked it up. I’ve been using it for almost a year for various tests and shoots. I really like it.

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The Passionate Street Photographer: How to Zone Focus a Lens

The pandemic gave way to loads of new passionate photographers, and we’re here to share how to document the world’s reopening.

Surely, modern autofocus is fantastic. But there’s nothing like the pride of getting a shot because you zone-focused the lens beforehand. Have you ever shot a photo you were happy with just the way it was? It probably didn’t need any post-production. It was an authentic moment that you captured. And most importantly, you did it, not the camera or the lens. You can achieve these Jedi-like powers with zone focusing. 

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Four Lenses That Make the Leica M9 Shine Like a Brand New Camera

The Leica M9 is truly a joy of a camera to use, even in 2021.

There aren’t that many iconic digital cameras. But if you had to pick one, everyone would agree about the Leica M9. It was the first mirrorless full-frame camera ever made. And it stood out from the pack with a CCD sensor that looked like chrome film. This was much different from lots of the other sensors going for better low light quality. The look the Leica M9 delivered is yearned for by many photographers today. If you happen to get your hands on one, we recommend you snag these lenses from the Leica Camera store.

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The Leica 28mm f2 APO-Summicron-SL ASPH is Making a Big Claim

The Leica 28mm f2 APO-Summicron-SL ASPH will run you around $5,195 and is making a huge claim.

Before writing this article, I spent some time researching the big claim Leica is making in the press release. Today, they’re announcing the Leica 28mm f2 APO-Summicron-SL ASPH for the L mount. It’s been a long time coming, but we expected it. It’s the widest prime that they make for the system. And like all things Leica, it’s expensive. In fact, it’s going to cost you $5,195. We can expect that with a Leica lens in terms of image quality. The SL system is also incredibly well weather-sealed. The cameras are IP rated, and the lenses can hold their own with the cameras. But what’s sort of shocking us is their big claim in the press release.

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7 Gorgeous Lenses for Street Photographers Who Zone Focus

Zone focus is everything for street photographers, and these are some of our favorite lenses for it.

For years, photographers have taken to the streets with their Leica in hand. With elegance and respect for their subjects, they’ve documented daily life. There’s something romantic about capturing the moment as it happens around you. Being an observer and having a camera with you can facilitate beautiful conversations. And zone focus can help you get the photos you want with ease. The most skilled street photographers are faster than a camera’s autofocus. They combine hypersensitivity with foresight. And most of all, they never let a lost moment get them down. We’ve spent the past decade reviewing tons of lenses. And here are some of the ones we lust over.

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