The Leica M Lens Guide: How to Pick the Right One for You

We’ve got some great news; we’ve reviewed every single Leica M-Mount lens currently offered! We’re incredibly excited to have done this. Along the way, we’ve learned so much about Leica optics and even about ourselves as photographers. Leica M lenses help you move at two speeds: super fast or super slow. (Sometimes, it’s a great idea to slow down. You potentially make better photos.) Without further adieu, we’re letting you dive into our Leica M Lens Guide. It’s complete with tips, naming conventions, tech specs, and blips from our full reviews. Plus, each lens featured here has a sample image from our reviews. All our reviews are done independently and according to our journalistic ethics — which adhere closely to what traditional magazines and newspapers have done. We hope this helps you find the right lens.

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A Tempting Mix of Unusual Bokeh: Leica 21mm F1.4 Summilux Review

If you want a wide-angle with unique bokeh and plenty of flare potential, look no further.

The latest high-end lenses brag about uniform sharpness across every pixel of the photograph. But, for those who find uniformity boring, there’s the Leica 21mm f1.4 Summilux ASPH. The ultra-wide, ultra-bright M-mount lens delivers more character than technical perfection. But, more than that, the lens delivers a variety of character, from the varying shapes of the bokeh to several different types of flare.

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Four Lenses That Make the Leica M9 Shine Like a Brand New Camera

The Leica M9 is truly a joy of a camera to use, even in 2021.

There aren’t that many iconic digital cameras. But if you had to pick one, everyone would agree about the Leica M9. It was the first mirrorless full-frame camera ever made. And it stood out from the pack with a CCD sensor that looked like chrome film. This was much different from lots of the other sensors going for better low light quality. The look the Leica M9 delivered is yearned for by many photographers today. If you happen to get your hands on one, we recommend you snag these lenses from the Leica Camera store.

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7 Gorgeous Lenses for Street Photographers Who Zone Focus

Zone focus is everything for street photographers, and these are some of our favorite lenses for it.

For years, photographers have taken to the streets with their Leica in hand. With elegance and respect for their subjects, they’ve documented daily life. There’s something romantic about capturing the moment as it happens around you. Being an observer and having a camera with you can facilitate beautiful conversations. And zone focus can help you get the photos you want with ease. The most skilled street photographers are faster than a camera’s autofocus. They combine hypersensitivity with foresight. And most of all, they never let a lost moment get them down. We’ve spent the past decade reviewing tons of lenses. And here are some of the ones we lust over.

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