Lomography Introduces the New LCA 120 Camera

LCA 120 Lomography

We didn’t think that it could be done, but Lomography has surely done it. Today, the company has come out with something seriously and amazingly cool for medium format photographers. Building on the success of their LCA+ and LC-Wide cameras, the company has created the LCA 120–the same camera as their 35mm versions but able to take 120 film.

In a way, we could easily call this a medium format point and shoot with program exposure shooting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have aperture control like the original LCA did, but much can still be done with this camera.

It sports a 38mm f4.5 lens–which roughly translates into around a 24mm equivalent somewhere between f2.8 and f3.5 in the 35mm film equivalent world. They’re also claiming a very compact body, square image types, multiple exposure capabilities, and rear curtain flash sync for really creative images.

Plus, the lens is made of glass–just like the other LCA cameras. It’s going for $429; which isn’t terrible at all for medium format. More images and specs are after the jump.

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Lomography Teases a Brand New Construction Based Camera Item


We received an invite today to a Lomography party that is all about, “Konstruktion.” And as Lomo usually is with their hints, they’re confusing as all hell. The company published a hint not long ago followed up by another. The only thing that I can think of is the fact that they are probably developing some sort of modular system into the LC-A+–as is evident from the design on the right in the photo above. The Diana F+ doesn’t have its lens that low down, but the LC-A+ does as does the LC-Wide. The cameras can already take Fujifilm Instax backs and natively shoot 35mm film–and if all this hype is over the fact that they can now adapt 110 film onto them, I think they’re going to be facing some pissed off journalists.

While some may think that the company is all about and just for the hipster folk and people who shop at Urban Outfitters, Lomography has been doing some really great things for the industry. Besides reviving 110 film, they also put out a semi-serious medium format camera in the form of the Bel-Air, which we just reviewed.

As always though, we’ll let you know what’s going on when we get the info.

Lomography Introduces New LC-A Wide Camera

The Lomography company has been hinting and teasing their fans with glimpses and other tasty bits as of recent: and today they are happy to announce the new LC-A Wide camera. The company, who I’ve known for a while has been trying to shed their products being called, “toy cameras” have taken their highly beloved LC-A camera and essentially added a super wide angle 17mm F/4.5 Minigon lens to it. Lomography is also touting that users can, “go wild day or night with three different formats to choose from.” Indeed, users can choose from full-, square- or half-format. So that means that a 36 exposure roll of film can become a 72 roll: which sounds a bit like the old Olympus Pen cameras.

Press release, samples, and images are after the jump. I’m going to their party tonight in Midtown, NYC and will hopefully get some fondling time with the new camera.

On a personal note though, F/4.5 isn’t exactly my aperture of choice if I’m shooting at night.

The camera is available today for $389, while the instant back add-on for the camera will be $24.90. You can also read more on their microsite.

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