Review: Lomography 32mm f2.8 Minitar Art Lens (Leica M Mount)

Most of Lomography’s art lenses have been a hit, but in the case of the Lomography 32mm f2.8 Minitar, I’m not totally sure I know what to think. There’s a fair amount going for it in terms of being super small and easily mountable to a Leica M camera body, but then there’s a lot of weirdness with the image quality. This lens is capable of being either pretty darn sharp or kind of kooky–and I’m not sure it’s kooky in a bad way or if it’s just some of Lomography’s charm trying to come off on us. But if you’re aware of how the Lomography LC-A works, this is basically the same lens.

If you’re a lover of really old analog lenses, then you may digg this one.

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You Still Have a Chance to Win a Limited Edition LC=A+


In honor of the Lomography company being one year away from legal drinking age (if you’re in the US) they’re teaming up with us to give away a special edition 20th anniversary LC-A+. One lucky winner will get one camera of a limited 1000 run.

The contest ends October 17th at 12AM NYC time. Sorry international folks, it’s only open to residents of the US and Canada this time around. But we promise that we’re working on more international contests.

Want to know more? Sign up for the contest here.

You Can Still Win a DSLR and a Film Camera in Our Contests!


We’re currently running two contests in conjunction with and Lomography. In the former, you can win a full-frame DSLR body of your choice–either a Canon 5D Mk III, or a Nikon D800–, while in the latter we’re giving away a Lomography LC-A+–the modern, advanced version of the Lomo classic. All you’ve got to do to win is to head over to the posts announcing the contests and follow the simple steps to participate. The BorrowLenses contests will be running through June 22st 12AM EST, while the Lomography contest ends May 31st 12AM EST.

Win a Canon 5D Mk III or Nikon D800 from The Phoblographer and!

Win a Lomography LC-A+ From The Phoblographer and Lomography!

In Case You Missed It: We Have Two Awesome Contests Running Right Now

Contest-ready-For-the-Phoblographer-and-Borrow-Lenses-contestEarlier this month we teamed up with BorrowLenses and Lomography in order to give away stuff. And by stuff we mean cameras. And by cameras we mean either a Canon 5D Mk III or Nikon D800, and a Lomography LC-A+. Both contests are still running and will be for a couple more days/weeks, so you can still sign up and take your chances at winning one of these great photographic tools.

The BorrowLenses contest will be running through June 22st 12AM EST, and the Lomography contest will be running through May 31st 12AM EST. For more info and to enter the contests, please visit the respective posts:

Win a Canon 5D Mk III or Nikon D800 from The Phoblographer and!

Win a Lomography LC-A+ From The Phoblographer and Lomography!

Lomography Introduces New LC-A Wide Camera

The Lomography company has been hinting and teasing their fans with glimpses and other tasty bits as of recent: and today they are happy to announce the new LC-A Wide camera. The company, who I’ve known for a while has been trying to shed their products being called, “toy cameras” have taken their highly beloved LC-A camera and essentially added a super wide angle 17mm F/4.5 Minigon lens to it. Lomography is also touting that users can, “go wild day or night with three different formats to choose from.” Indeed, users can choose from full-, square- or half-format. So that means that a 36 exposure roll of film can become a 72 roll: which sounds a bit like the old Olympus Pen cameras.

Press release, samples, and images are after the jump. I’m going to their party tonight in Midtown, NYC and will hopefully get some fondling time with the new camera.

On a personal note though, F/4.5 isn’t exactly my aperture of choice if I’m shooting at night.

The camera is available today for $389, while the instant back add-on for the camera will be $24.90. You can also read more on their microsite.

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