Alicja Zmysłowska Creates Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos of Dogs

“Ciri loved exploring Norway with me, running free, and having baths in the fjords,” Alicja Zmysłowska tells me. Ciri, a Border Collie, accompanied the photographer on an epic journey through the Nordic landscape–home of the northern lights and the midnight sun. On one occasion, they spent the day walking, and when all was said and done, they’d covered 28 kilometers to reach the famous Trolltunga rock formation. They spent their nights in a tent, side-by-side, beneath the starry sky. 

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Ludwig Favre Pays Homage to The Natural World in Haunting Photos

“I was very close to a pine forest in Oregon when I found myself completely alone,” the photographer Ludwig Favre tells me. “There was no one around–not even a single noise.” The silence and darkness setting his nerves on edge, he was well-aware that he was “in the middle of nowhere” in an area he didn’t know. He worried his car might break down; the possibility of an unwanted encounter in the woods ran through his mind. But in the open air, inhaling the scent of the evergreen trees, he continued to work–until slowly, the first rays of sunlight appeared on the horizon. 

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4 Amazing Images from the 2021 Mobiography Awards

Mobiography recently announced the winners of this year’s smartphone photography awards. The competition intentionally put mirrorless and DSLR cameras on the shelf, shining a light on those who create wonderful imagery with the device in their pocket. The Phoblographer’s EIC Chris Gampat was an official judge for the competition, continuing our commitment to support new and emerging photographers. Submission standards were high, and the winners submitted exceptional work. Let’s take a look.

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5 Photographers Go High to Create Marvelous Rooftop Photos

Rooftops are the ideal vantage point for making photographs from a different perspective. While the world goes about its day, the rooftop photographer can document what’s going on, without anyone knowing they’re there. Rooftop photos aren’t only about looking down. The pinnacle point of a building is also a cool location for conceptual photography. We’re going to take a look at it all in this article, bringing you the very best of the rooftop photos we’ve published over the years.

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The Black and White Landscapes You Want Use This Special Secret

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Black and white landscapes are kind of a tricky thing. Lots of landscape photographers will tell you that you have to do it all in post-production. We’re not going to disagree with that, but there’s a lot you can do beforehand to get it right in-camera or give yourself less post-production. The work of many photographers is inspiring to say the least. And today, we’re giving you a few short pointers to how to make better black and white landscapes.

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Gøneja Captures the Magic of His Queer Community

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“My queer family are the first people I ever photographed,” the Berlin-based artist Gøneja tells me. “And they’re the ones I continue to portray to this day.” He’s embarked on countless adventures with this chosen family, whether they’re dancing the night away at Berghain, the iconic (and famously hard-to-get-into) club in the heart of the city, or spending the day exploring a quiet village in the Polish countryside. Their faces appear time and again, in darkened interiors and sun-drenched landscapes, as you make your way through his newest book, Rituals

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Amazing Photos From Photographers Showing Love for the 35mm Lens

We’re about to show some love to the 35mm lens.

A 35mm lens is an awesome companion for your camera. It offers great flexibility in terms of the types of photographs you can create. Is it the best focal length? Well, that’s a matter of preference. But it’s certainly a popular choice amongst professional photographers. And in this article, we look at some fantastic photographs created by photographers who give power to their 35mm lens!

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How Rachael Talibart Makes Photographic Paintings of Seashells

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“Some common shells can be found on my closest beaches all year round, like mussels and slipper limpets,” the UK-based photographer Rachael Talibart tells me. “Others show up seasonally, after big storms, or when you least expect them.” For years, she’s been discovering shells on the sandy beaches along the Sussex coast and beyond. Her ongoing project, Ghost in the Shell, is her tribute to the wild and unpredictable tide and countless tiny creatures who have lived and died according to its whims.

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Veronika Gilková’s Ethereal Photos Are Straight from a Dream

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“The most extreme conditions I’ve shot in were during a snowstorm in the mountains,” the photographer Veronika Gilková tells me. “It was beautiful yet scary at the same time.” She and her boyfriend were headed back to a cottage in the majestic High Tatras in Slovakia when the storm hit unexpectedly. The wind whipped around them as they hiked the rest of the way home, turning the once-familiar landscape strange and alien. 

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Paolo Pettigiani Captures the Magic of Peru and Bolivia in Infrared

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“In Perù, outside cities, it’s normal to find alpacas along the streets,” Paolo Pettigiani tells us. Two summers ago, he was driving to Patapampa, believed to be the highest paved pass in the Americas, when he turned a corner to find dozens of fluffy, teddy bear-like alpacas, enjoying a drink by a river. He stopped to take pictures as the curious animals made their way across the landscape, quenching their thirst. 

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Caitlin Fullam Creates a Magical World of Surreal Landscapes

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“These photos were an escape for me during a dark time,” photographer Caitlin Fullam tells me. “I created a whimsical world of surreal pastel landscapes because I felt stuck. I craved new places, warmth, and color.” This past winter, Caitlin spent early mornings and late nights on the road and in the mountains, exploring landscapes across Colorado and New Mexico. She used double exposures on film to document the journeys she took on those endless December and January days, across rugged terrain and into the depths of her own imagination. 

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A Great Telephoto for L Mount: Panasonic 70-300mm F4.5-5.6 Review

The Panasonic 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 is an affordable telephoto that L mount camera owners should consider.

The L mount lens library is finally starting to grow thanks to Panasonic, Leica, and Sigma. Until recently, all Panasonic lenses were designed for pros who needed top quality. That’s fine, but they came with top-quality prices too. However, this is starting to change. The Panasonic 85mm f1.8 has been released (review coming later), and now an affordable telephoto option is on the market. The Panasonic 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 is looking to sit alongside the Sigma 100-400mm f5.6-6.3 as a telephoto lens for the masses. At $1,249.99, it’s an attractive option, but does it produce the goods? Find out in our full review.

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Dolly Ave Brings a Playful Spirit to Advertising Photography

All images by Dolly Ave. Used with permission.

As a teen growing up in Sikeston, Missouri, Dolly Ave could be found exploring her surroundings with a camera. She ventured into lesser-known urban landscapes, capturing youth culture from the inside-out. There, she found a community of artists and creatives, spending every free moment she could behind the lens. Always one for the spontaneous rather than the staged, her style developed in the streets more than in the studio. She quickly built a reputation for intimate, colorful photos with a splash of personality.

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The 3 Legged Thing Roxie Helps the Canon EOS R5 Capture Better Birds

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re currently lusting over in quick, easy-to-digest posts.

Camera brands that work with third parties for support are fantastic. That’s part of how Sony got to where it is right now. Today, Canon users are getting the new 3 Legged Thing Roxie, a special bracket designed for the Canon EOS R5 and the Canon EOS R6. Of course, its primary use will be birding and wildlife. For both of those cameras, it works surprisingly well once its design is understood. If you’re a Canon EOS R owner, the 3 Legged Thing Roxie will also work, however the sizing will be apparent. If you’re using a telephoto lens with a camera like the Canon EOS R5, the 3 Legged Thing Roxie might even be consideredessential.

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Five 70-200mm Lenses Great for Land and Cityscape Photography

70-200mm lenses are great for more than just portrait photography.

When you think about 70-200mm lenses, you probably think of portrait photography. You’re not wrong. These lenses have been used to capture portraits for years, but they can do so much more than that. 70-200mm lenses are also perfect for landscape and cityscape photography. Being able to zoom in to isolate one area of a scene can be incredibly beneficial. The extra levels of compression these telephoto lenses offer can also help create dramatic images easily. If you’re looking for a lens that can help create dramatic landscape and cityscape images, you should check out these five lenses after the break.

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These Sturdy Tripods Make Composing Landscapes A Breeze

Sturdy tripods are a must-have for landscape photography, and these ones will help you create stunning shots with ease.

When it comes to landscape photography, you need great compositions to be able to tell the story. You also need to capture as much detail as possible. This, my friends, is where tripods come into play. When it comes to tripods, we often short-change ourselves. For whatever reason, a lot of photographers don’t spend much money on stable, sturdy tripods. They would rather opt for a ‘big box special.’ This is not a good idea for several reasons. Cheap build quality, questionable parts, flimsy legs, I could go on. Why would you put your camera and lenses, which have a combined value of thousands of dollars, on a tripod that costs $60? So, If you’re in the market for sturdy tripods that will help elevate your landscape photography game, check out the five options after the break.

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These Are the Best Camera Bags for Photographers Who Love to Hike

These camera bags are ready to hit the trails with you.

Getting into the great outdoors is always special, and there are always so many picture opportunities. But how do you decide what gear to take with you? Do you take wide-angle zooms or telephoto lenses? Perhaps you want to take primes and nothing else. Do you take a tripod or leave the space for something else? There’s a lot to decide. However, what if there were camera bags that let you take it all and keep you comfortable? Well, there are. Thankfully, you don’t have to make compromises when it comes to your gear. Not only will the bags in this roundup let you take it all and keep you comfortable, but they’ll also protect your equipment from the elements. Check out our favorite camera bags for hiking below.

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These Easy To Use Lens Filters Will Make Your Images Pop!

Lens filters are often overlooked, but they should be a part of everyone’s photography kit.

We can sit and talk about which cameras are best for landscape photography all day. However, to get the very best out of them in challenging situations, you really need to use lens filters. Some lens filters will help you create gorgeous images in-camera by exposing them for both shadows and highlights. Other lens filters will help your camera capture images with colors that pop! Many photographers overlook filters, but they really should be a part of your kit. The lens filters we’ll look at after the break are relatively affordable. They’re also durable, and they’ll give you an edge when it comes to creating gorgeous landscape images.

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5 Affordable Lenses That Are Perfect for Spring Landscape Photography

Landscape photographers can get big performance from lenses with smaller price tags.

Spring is upon us, and that means flowers will soon be blooming. The landscapes around us are about to change drastically. It’s this reason that many decide to pick up a camera. When it comes to landscape photography, you don’t need a super expensive, ultra-fast lens. You can actually pick up more affordable options with slower apertures. Landscape photography is about slowing down. When I say this I mean slowing yourself down so you can enjoy the views and slowing down your aperture. You need smaller apertures to get more in focus during landscape photography. The lenses we’ve rounded up after the break are perfect for those new to the genre. You’re going to get sharp lenses that produce gorgeous colors. Best of all, they won’t make your wallet cry. See our picks for the best affordable landscape photography lenses after the break.

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5 Bargain Lenses For Beginner Landscape and Cityscape Photographers

New landscape and cityscape photographers who don’t want to break the bank should check out these value-priced lenses.

If you want to join the ranks of landscape and cityscape photographers affordably, this roundup is for you. Landscape and cityscape photography are genres that many new photographers jump into first. There are dozens of opportunities to create great images all around you. If you’re here, though, by now, you’ll understand the importance of ditching your kit lens. When it comes to gear, nothing will improve your work faster than a new lens. The good news is that there are tons of fantastic, weather-sealed lenses for these genres that won’t destroy your wallet. After the break, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite affordable weather-sealed lenses. These lenses will serve landscape and cityscape photographers well.

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8 Photographers Share Their Love of Medium Format Photography (NSFW)

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Medium format film photography remains highly popular in the modern era. Analog enthusiasts and pros swoon over medium format film cameras, lusting for the images they produce. We’ve published many photographers over the past 11 years that use a range of cameras in this niche. All of them create fantastic work. In this piece, we reflect on some of our favorites, sharing their excellent medium format film photography with you.

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