New to Film Photography? Here Are 3 Film Emulsions You Need to Try

Film photography never died: it only evolved into something much better.

Fact: some of us have never shot film before. Others amongst us are just getting into it. In 2021, film photography co-exists with digital and is in demand by lots of clients. There are lots of the mainstays like Portra, Tri-X, and Velvia. But there are also lots of options out there that aren’t traditional. And we’ve reviewed a bunch of them. So we dove into the old Reviews Index to look at our many years of film photography coverage. Here are some of our favorite emulsions.

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What Film Emulsion Should I Choose? A Guide for Analog Photography

There’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. In our latest original infographic, find out which film emulsion is right for you.

The reports of film’s death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, there’s never been a more exciting time to start shooting analog. If you’re new to the world of film photography, welcome! Plenty of film cameras can be had for a fraction of their original price. There’s bound to be one that will suit your particular needs (Check out our handy guide to the 6 Best Film Cameras for Beginners). Unlike with digital, you don’t get to change your ISO on the fly. Once you load a roll or spool of film into your film camera, you’re locked into that particular roll’s ISO until you finish the whole thing.

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Film Emulsion Review: Kodak TMax P3200 (35mm, New Version)

Kodak TMax P3200 is one of the more exciting things to happen in film in a while.

It started with Kodak teasing the new Kodak TMax P3200 on Instagram and Twitter. Much unlike Ektachrome, Kodak TMax P3200 is actually real and you can buy it immediately. Indeed, they brought it back from the dead as the black and white film world was severely lacking in any sort of variety when it came to high ISO black and white films. Of course there’s Delta 3200, but otherwise there is nothing else out there. The re-release of Kodak TMax P3200 was seen by many to be a very good move and insight into Kodak’s commitment to film photography. At the moment, it’s only available in 35mm, but that’s more than enough for many photographers.

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A Quick Look at Ilford Delta 3200 vs Kodak TMax P3200

Ilford Delta 3200 vs Kodak TMax P3200 is the film comparison we need right now

In the analog film world, there are two big high ISO black and white films in existence: Ilford Delta 3200 and Kodak TMax P3200. They’re both much different films, but they’re also both black and white. It recently came to our attention that folks would love to see some sort of comparison of both. And so we decided to go through our archives of testing to bring you some of our thoughts.

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Kodak: No, Kodak TMax P3200 Isn’t an ISO 3200 Film.

We’ve been hearing a whole lot of misinformation about Kodak TMax P3200; so we’re clearing the air up.

Kodak TMax P3200 is Kodak’s latest film offering; and apparently there is a fair amount of confusion about the film emulsion. Share images from it in various groups and you’ll hear people say “But isn’t is an ISO 3200 film?” The answer: No, it isn’t.

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