Hands-On: Pentax K-r

The very first thing I noticed about Pentax’s new entry-level DSLR was its color schemes. I’ve seen hundreds of black SLRs and a handful of silver ones, but white or red SLRs? Madness. It’s just part of the K-r’s entry-level appeal, to make the camera seem as fashionable as a high-end compact while offering all the benefits of a real SLR.

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Pentax K-r Korejanairobot Limited Edition Rendering Looks Pretty Sweet

Pentax has been know to create limited editions of their camera (but different than the way Leica does.) While on Reddit the other night, I was able to find this rendering of the Pentax K-rKorejanairobot limited edition. Cameras like these are fascinating: so much power inside but no one can take the outside seriously. Perhaps they’re great for street photography because of this or for the simple reason of disarming the subjects you’re photographing. In contrast, the rumored K-5 is looking like an extreme beast of a camera.

Pentax K-r Official: New Colors, Infrared Transmission Standard

Today, the Pentax K-r was announced. It will be capable of shooting 6fps, infrared data transmission to cell phones and other devices, 11-point AF, 720p HD video, in-camera special effects filters, ISO 25,600, and will be available in October for $799.95 in a number of colors. You can pre-order it at Amazonright now.

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