Amazing Deals of the Day: Pentax K-5, Nikon D600, D800, Canon Rebel T4i, EOS 60D

Pentax K-5

Adorama and B&H both have some amazing deals going on at the moment, and we took the liberty of compiling them into one post for your convenience.

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Announcing The Pentax K-5 II and IIs Without The AA Filter

Here it is ladies and gents, well at least those of you who are loyal to Pentax, your new king is here. Pentax has now announced their newest flagship camera, the Pentax K-5 II and IIs. As Nikon did with the D800 and D800E the only difference with the two new Pentax cameras is that the IIs doesn’t have an anti-aliasing filter.
The company has also developed a new AF, LCD screen and a high quality CMOS sensor for the the K-5. The camera also has the expected awesome features that Pentax cameras usually have like Shake Reduction and weather resistance (which is understating the ability as seen in videos online). More on the camera and additional details will follow. Continue reading…

ISO Torture Test: Pentax K-5 vs. Nikon D7000, which is better?


There has been some debate, on this site and on others, about the Pentax K-5 and Nikon D7000. Both are new on the market, packed with their respective company’s hottest new features including 16+ CMOS sensors that deliver wide dynamic capture, great color, and smooth detail. Both have made favorable impressions with reviewers, including myself. To address some of the comments we’ve been getting regarding grain and image quality, as well as to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to set up a little informal test up to push both cameras to the extremes of high ISO and noise and the results are pretty interesting.

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A Quick Look at Pentax K-5 Video

A selling point for the new Pentax K-5 is its ability to shoot high quality video. To give it a little test, I made this hasty family video of my two kids working on a “Merry Christmas” sign and then showing it off in our studio. As a photographer, video falls outside my area of expertise, but I know readers will be curious about the function and want to see a little example filming. Read on for a few thoughts on the K-5 as camcorder. Continue reading…

Field Review: The Pentax K-5 (Day 5)

We’ve come to the end of our time with Pentax’s premier 35mm DSLR. It’s a camera that has earned attention for it’s well-regarded image quality, rugged build, and top-tier ergonomics. I’ve enjoyed shooting with the Pentax K-5 and wanted to wrap up our review series with a detailed exploration of this camera’s image quality. I set out to test it at the limits of photography and am really impressed with the results.

Before reading you can check out my findings on this camera for portraits, used at a wedding, in tough weather, and my initial feelings.

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Field Review: The Pentax K-5 (Day 4)

This week, I took our Pentax K-5 along on an engagement portrait shoot in the scenic Oakland hills, and – for the third field test in a row with the robust little Pentax – it was raining. I will say, without hesitation, that we have tested and proved the weather sealing of both camera and 55mm f/1.4 DA* lens. In our previous entry (here) I discussed both the camera’s discreet and capable handling while photographing a wedding (a rainy wedding) and a critical issue of purple fringing in certain images.

Before reading this posting, you may want to read about it used at a wedding, in tough weather, and my initial feelings.

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Field Review: The Pentax K-5 (Day 3)

The other day the I shot a wedding and brought along the Pentax K-5. So far, I believe that the Pentax K-5 is a great event camera, offering a respectable 16.3 MP; compact dimensions; intuitive, creative controls; and a remarkable maximum ISO reach of 52,200. I photographed a wedding this past week and took along our demo K-5 with its Pentax SMC 55mm f/1.4 DA* lens. After the jump: a discussion of Pentax’s flagship 35mm DSLR and its appeal for wedding photography…

Editor’s Note: Day 1 and Day 2 are here for your reading pleasure.

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Field Review: Pentax K-5 (Day 2)

The Pentax K-5 is a compact and sturdy camera, capable of creating images with excellent detail, color, and contrast. I’ve had a couple weeks with it, including shooting in a wide range of conditions and it’s been a joy to use. The camera’s unique degree of customization and range of novel exposure and JPG processing controls demand a little experimenting, but add flexibility, entertainment, and a few surprises to the process of getting to know this well-regarded little camera. Read on for Day 2 of our in-depth field review of the Pentax K-5.

Editor’s Note: Day 1 can be read here. Continue reading…

Pentax K-5 Gets All Official

Sure the Pentax K-5 was rumored to be quite a trooper, but do you think that there might be a Korejanairobot Limited Edition as well? The important specs: 16.3 CMOS sensor, 7fps shooting, ISO 80-12,800, 1080p HD video at 25p, 11 point AF, fully weathersealed, 3 inch 921,000 dot LCD, 100% viewfinder and will retail for $1,599.95 in October. Pentax has a first look at their Youtube and the pres release is after the jump.

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