Kodak’s Film Acetate Coating Lines Are on Sale on eBay

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For $250,000 on eBay, you can become the owner of one of Kodak’s 60-inch acetate film coating lines. The massive machine was put on sale by Moses B. Glick, LLC, an industrial surplus machinery dealer, according to the Democrat & Chronicle. The eBay listing says that there are 18 of these lines available, which isn’t surprising given that Kodak ended acetate base production last year.

The listing reads “Originally used for acetate film coating but may be repurposed.”  Of course, if you want to be the next Kodak, then this is an essential buy.

Though we’d caution against being the next Kodak given the trajectory of the company in recent years, particularly with the licensing of its name to JK Images, a company that introduced several unimpressive cameras at CES earlier this year. Kodak’s film lives on under Kodak Alaris, but Kodak lost some of its gravitas when it ceased production of Kodachrome in 2009 and processing in 2010.

At the time of this post, there around 70 people watching the listing, and there have been two declined offers. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what those offers were, and we’re not sure how many there will be.

Perhaps there’s someone out there with deep pockets and a film itch they’ve been looking to scratch. Who knows? We’d be more than happen to see something happen with this in a way that advances photography. There are 18 available, which means there are 18 chances for something truly great to happen.

When You Mate a Ricoh GXR With a Sony QX, You Get the Vivitar IU680

Picture courtesy of DigitalCamera.jp

Picture courtesy of DigitalCamera.jp

At CES 2014, one of the less exciting items we found were these Kodak-branded lens-camera devices that seem to mimic the Sony QX cameras. But apparently, JK Imaging wasn’t the only company that wanted a piece of the smartphone add-on camera cake. Photo Rumors now reports of the Vivitar IU680, another lens-camera smartphone add-on, but this one is admittedly a bit different.

In fact, we think the Vivitar IU680 looks like the bastard child of a Ricoh GXR and a Sony QX camera … it’s a lens-camera add-on that works with your smartphone or tablet, but just like the Ricoh GXR, it features interchangeable lens+sensor modules. Most strikingly though, these lens+sensor modules look remarkably similar to those that are used on Sakar’s Polaroid-branded Android-powered system cameras

While we have to give it to Vivitar that they came up with a slightly different version of Sony’s QX camera, it is till just that: a slightly different version of Sony’s QX camera. And we keep up the sentiment that the Kodak and Polaroid brands are being used for all kinds of less-than-mediocre stuff that puts the names of these two once so dominant and influential companies to shame.

There’s no word yet on either pricing or availability of the Vivitar IU680.

JK Imaging Shows a Lack of Originality with Kodak-Branded Products at CES 2014

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That right there is the Kodak-branded SMART LENS in the Pixpro line of digital cameras from JK Imaging, a young company that struck a licensing deal with Kodak in January 2013. This SMART LENS is awfully similar to Sony’s QX10 and QX100 units, and it does the exact same thing. There are two flavors of this lens-camera hybrid: the SL10 and SL25. The SL10 has 10x optical zoom in a 28-280mm 35mm-equivalent lens, a microSD card slot, HD 1080p video capability, and built-in Wi-Fi. The SL25 differs slightly with 25x optical zoom in a 24-600mm 35mm-equivalent lens. Both will available in Spring 2014 for $199 and $299 respectively.  Continue reading…

O Noez! JK Imaging’s Kodak-Branded Micro Four Thirds Camera is Delayed!


Remember how we all got super excited when JK Imaging–the company that holds the right to produce new cameras under the Kodak brand–announced a new Micro Four Thirds camera? I don’t either. Well, here’s more reason not to get excited: the Amateur Photographer reports that the camera is delayed, and will not make it to store shelves in time for … well, for what, actually? Allegedly, the camera will be launched in Q3 of 2013, which started on July 1st and ends on September 30th. So maybe we’ll see it under Christmas trees this holiday season after all. Personally, I can hardly wait. *sarcasm*

In the meantime, you can catch up on Kodak’s dreadful history by perusing the links we provide in this article.

Kodak’s Previously Announced Mirrorless Camera Actually Exists


Earlier in the year, we reported on Kodak’s Micro Four Thirds camera. However, it isn’t really being done by the company but instead by JK Imaging–a still very mysterious addition to the camera world. Photo Rumors spotted the camera at a recent Tradeshow in Asia. As a refresher, the new MFT mount camera has a Sony CMOS sensor and built-in WIFI. That’s really all that we have so far, but this camera looks very much like the first Olympus digital Pen camera.

We also still have no clear idea of when it will hit the market.

Editor’s Update: We updated the image to show the M43 camera, but they are also showing off a PixPro model as well.