JK Imaging Shows a Lack of Originality with Kodak-Branded Products at CES 2014

julius motal the phoblographer jk imaging ces 2013 image 01

That right there is the Kodak-branded SMART LENS in the Pixpro line of digital cameras from JK Imaging, a young company that struck a licensing deal with Kodak in January 2013. This SMART LENS is awfully similar to Sony’s QX10 and QX100 units, and it does the exact same thing. There are two flavors of this lens-camera hybrid: the SL10 and SL25. The SL10 has 10x optical zoom in a 28-280mm 35mm-equivalent lens, a microSD card slot, HD 1080p video capability, and built-in Wi-Fi. The SL25 differs slightly with 25x optical zoom in a 24-600mm 35mm-equivalent lens. Both will available in Spring 2014 for $199 and $299 respectively. 

Other offerings include the Pixpro S-1, a 16MP Micro Four Thirds camera, which will be available with a kit lens for $500 this April. There are also updates to the ASTRO ZOOM line of cameras, which are essentially inexpensive super zooms. At the top of the crop is the 65x optical zoom AZ651, which will be available for $349 in Spring 2014. The rest of the models include: AZ251, AZ361, AZ421 and AZ521, which have optical zooms of 25x, 36x, 42x and 52x respectively. All will available in Spring 2014 for prices ranging from $139 to $249.

There are so-called Action Cams starting with the entry-level SPZ1, a 14MP HD video camera with 3x optical zoom, which will be $139. The slightly more expensive SP1 has a 160-degree lens, and will be available for prices ranging from $169 to $229. The price range depends, it seems, on optional accessary packs that will make the SP1 more action-ready. The press release lists the starting price at $169, but the product page lists $179. The reason for the discrepancy is unclear.

Lastly, JK Imaging also introduced a line of “Friendly Zoom” cameras, which are very basic point-and-shoots, ranging in price from $69 to $129.

Via Photo Rumors