10 Best Business Resolutions For Photographers


This is a syndicated blog post from Jenna Martin. It and the images here are being used with permission.

Alright 2016, let’s chat for a sec…

Last year I wrote about my 10 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Photographers and I’m happy to say I followed most of them. I even printed my photos, which means there are photos of my husband and new daughter in my house right now as I write this. Fellow photographers I know you know what a big deal this is, so just allow me a moment to bask in the glory of all your collective high fives.

*basking…basking…basking…a few more…is that everyone?*

Ah yes, thank you. That felt good.

But as great as a hypothetical high five feels, it isn’t going to pay the bills. The reality is, no matter how amazing your photos are, if your business is struggling you’re back to the grind of the real world. Back to bartending, back to living with your parents, back to justifying your “hobby” as a legitimate career choice.

And then finally, back to nursing school.

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10 Tips For Successful Underwater Portrait Photography



Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published on Jenna Martin’s Blog. It is being syndicated here with permission.

My brain is officially underwater.

Photographically, that is.

I see everything in terms of underwater. A friend shows me the gorgeous wedding dress she picked out, and I wonder what it would look like in a pool. My mother-in-law shows me a new chair she reupholstered and I wonder how well the color would hold up if it got wet. I’ve even made the mistake of approaching a potential model with an opening line of, “Excuse me, how well do you sink in water?”

Creepy…I know.

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How “Do What You Love” Can Be A Realistic Career Option


This blog post was originally published on Jenna Martin’s blog. It is being syndicated with permission.

To quote a recent article I read titled “Do What You Love” Is Horrible Advice: “It’s easy to confuse a hobby or interest for a profound passion that will result in career and business fulfillment. The reality is, that type of preexisting passion is rarely valuable.”


If you haven’t read that article go ahead and take a trip over there when you get a chance…or not, if you’d rather not be fuming the rest of the day. The author is a great writer, with many other fantastic articles, but this one was just so wildly inaccurate. I tried to just label it as one of those unfortunate things orbiting the internet, but it was just gnawing at me. How many potential artists are out there now squashing their dreams because they’re reading fear-mongering articles like this on the internet?

Well, hopefully not a lot, but still, the thought of some teenage kid selling his guitar because too many people told him music was a “hobby” and not a career choice just kills me. He’s a teenager. Anything is a career choice.

Of course people are all entitled to their own opinions, right?

Exactly, which is why I’m going to spout mine off right now.

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Jenna Martin Turns Insomnia into Surreal Images


All images by Jenna Martin. Used with permission.

Surreal imagery often involves having a very whimsical and playful artistic vision. Take photographer Jenna Martin for example–who states that her visions come to her from fits of insomnia. Jenna hails from Montana and received a Master’s in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. But she decided to become a photographer instead and has produced loads of surreal images for the past two years. Her fits of insomnia has earned her international publishing, having her work in galleries, and much more. In fact, she’s been featured on the Phoblographer for our Creating the Photograph series and we recently syndicated her letter to new photographers. Jenna’s surreal work is from her series called “A Dream to Dream” which is currently on display and her new underwater work is also on display in Billings.

But we wanted to get to know more about Jenna’s visions–which remind us a bit of elements of a modern Wonderland and advertising that a creative agency would use.

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Dear New Photographer…


I’m writing this post because I was up late last night on a Facebook forum, reading close to 200 comments about new photographers and what slime they are to the industry. How they’re stripping photography of it’s “art” and destroying any decent business practices. I read every comment, feeling more and more sick to my stomach the further I scrolled down the page.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published at Jenna Martin’s blog. It’s content and images are being used and syndicated with permission. Jenna was featured previously in our Creating the Photograph series.

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Creating the Photograph: Jenna Martin’s “Purple Cabbage Dress”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Jenna Martin is photographer that hails from Montana. She began shooting conceptual photography back in 2012 and has since built a portfolio of work that is conceived in her imagination and brought to life by props and her camera. This type of photography is usually amongst some of the most elaborate as it requires a creative and imaginative idea to begin with but also sometimes needs the perfect lighting and the perfect post-production. When we saw her photograph of a cabbage dress, we were extremely interested to see how it was done.

Be sure to also check out Jenna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Here’s Jenna’s story.

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