Making What You Feel: Editing a Landscape Photo

©2012 Jamie A. MacDonald

All images in this post by Jamie A MacDonald. Used with permission.

Catchy title for a post? I hope it has you thinking,because that title is exactly how I work the majority of the time I am out shooting. So what exactly does that mean? To “Make what I feel”?

Let me see if I can explain.

When I am out shooting landscapes I am quite often in what I consider to be an elevated emotional state. I know it may sound a little over the top but all I mean is that I am in a good place spiritually. When I head out to shoot and the sky is moody, the land is begging for me to find a beautiful scene, I am happy. And when I do find that place to shoot, I want to convey that emotion in the final image I create. So as you will see, I am often shooting emotion, more than a straight out of the camera image.

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