How to Send an Invoice For Your Photography

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So you’ve finally found someone that wants to purchase some of your images. Cool! But now what? Well, legally, you’re required to have invoices for these types of things to report some extra income that you’ve made through the year. But if you ask most budding photographers how to write an invoice, they’d be totally perplexed.

Here’s how to do the most simple of business tasks as you become a full-fledged professional photographer or even a semi-pro.

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Avoidable Bad Business Practices for Photographers


Transitioning from a photo enthusiast to a working photographer involves its own special learning curve. It can be a more daunting journey than learning photography itself, because another person is involved to whom you are now accountable.

There are some common mistakes that many photographers make, many of which are easily avoidable. Navigating around these mistakes can be invaluable for both the photographer and the client.

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6 Ways Photographers Sabotage Themselves

IbarionexPerelloThePhoblographerSabatoge01Making a living as a photographer has never been more challenging. We’re being asked to deliver more work for less money. Expectations  for transfer of copyright are being demanded in the form of a buyout or work for hire agreement. Newspapers are letting go of their photo departments and transferring the picture responsibility to a writer, toting nothing more than a smartphone. And new photographers are entering the competitive arena who are willing to work for far less than a seasoned professional would ever consider fair.

Yet, despite all these external challenges, the greatest obstacles lay not with others but with ourselves. It is often the choices that we make not just as photographers, but as business people the reduce the viability of making a living as a photographer. Here are some common ways that many photographers self-sabotage their work and their careers and some remedies to combat them.

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