Bet You Didn’t Know This Fun Fact About Nikon Sensors!

Interestingly, we got a fun fact from Canon Watch about Nikon designing its sensors. Hands up if you’re among those who haven’t heard of it yet!

Newsflash: Nikon designs its own sensors. If you’re just hearing about this for the first time, don’t worry; you’re most likely one of many. Canon Watch was another (so you’re in good company), leading to a blog post sharing some details about how Nikon exactly is involved in the making of its sensors. Continue reading…

Why I Think We All Need to Stop Caring About DXOScores and Lab Tests

Before I get very deeply into this piece, this post isn’t a personal attack on DXOMark, DPReview, Imaging Resource, or any of the sites that do some sort of lab testing. They run a legitimate business that in some ways puts camera and lens testing into a format that is mathematically easier for lots of people to determine for themselves. But if you’re a photographer who has been working in this industry for a while and has developed a set of skills that allows you to create beautiful photos no matter what piece of gear you’re using, then it technically won’t matter if you’re using a Canon 5D Mk II or a Sony a9 as long as you can think creatively and capture or create a jaw dropping photo.

And with that statement I will begin my very pointed opinion.

Continue reading…