Five Reasons Why I Replaced My Camera Phone With an Eye-Fi Card

eyefi vs phone

I have used camera phones for a very long time. Actually, they played an important role in my evolution as a photographer. Though camera phones have improved greatly over the years, I have never been happy with them. Enter the Eye-Fi card and my Olympus E-P1. I experimented with the two, and well, there was a paradigm shift. When I take a picture, the Eye-Fi transfers it to my phone and I can send it to Instagram. I found happiness.

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Op/Ed: On sharing photos: Flickr, Pure Photo and 500px

When I got into photography, the first thing I learned was that it is nice to share my images. As photographers, there is one thing we like to do: have our images seen by audiences big or small and getting feedback. The internet offers various opportunities to share images. We have discussed sharing images on Flickr before, but things have evolved. Flickr is not the only image-sharing site on the web. Two sites that have recently come in to view for me are 500px and Pure Photo. I have accounts on both of these sites, and this is what I think.

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