Forget Photography 101, it’s Time to Break the Rules!

I’m aiming this article towards those who are at the birth of their photographic journey. However, there’s also value in this for the more advanced photographer. I will cover some skills and techniques that people tend not to teach to folks at the beginning of their photographic practice. Read any photography 101 article, and you’ll read the same thing. Well, today, we’re tapping into our rebellious side. We’re ripping up the rule book and sharing techniques you should try, even if you’ve just picked up a camera for the time.

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NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT’s AI Can Now Fix Your Grainy Images

It’s pretty cool when AI can automatically “fix” the grain in your photos and also bring back more details

I think many photographers wouldn’t mind software that could fix the image noise in their photos and also bring back more details automatically. But arguably they’d probably want to do it themselves and fine tune it to their exact needs and wants. After all, a little bit of image grain in a photo can add character to the scene. In a recent announcement from NVIDIA, the company teamed up with Aalto University and MIT to create algorithms designed to fix the grain in your images: they’re doing a great job!

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Opinion: There is Nothing Wrong with Image Grain and Your Photos Don’t Need to Be 100% Sharp

If you’re an amateur photographer, don’t worry about things like image grain too much

Image grain and sharpness are two things in the photo community that, when you get into the more old school circles of thinking, is frowned upon. You’ll always hear, “You should’ve gotten it in focus,” or, “You should’ve shot at a lower ISO setting.” It’s ingrained (pun intended) into the heads of so many photographers out there and that mentality continues to spread to others. But the truth is the technical matters of a photo are second to the subject matter.

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