Review: Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 Lens (Micro Four Thirds)

Do you see that lens up above? That is the Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 Nokton for Micro Four Thirds; and it is perhaps the lens that has locked me into the system and also renewed my faith in it. Using this lens I can do so much. Not only is it characterized by its fast aperture, but it is also a 35mm equivalent field of view: which is honestly my favorite focal length.

Before I even get into this review, know that it is an overwhelmingly positive one even though swallowing the cost of the lens was a bit much for me. After weeks of use though, that has all gone away.

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Review: Leica 35mm f2 Summicron Adapted to Micro Four Thirds

Adapted lenses often make up the camera bag of many mirrorless camera users. In particular, old rangefinder lenses tend to be popular because of the small size coupled with excellent image quality. When one thinks of a rangefinder, one also often thinks of Leica. Indeed, the company has manufactured lenses for years and many of their lenses are available second hand on eBay at quite an affordable price.

Keeping in mind the fact that a Micro Four Thirds camera has a 2x crop factor, I’ve recently decided to try our various wide angle lenses from Leica. Though the 35mm is more semi-wide, their Summicron lens (f2) has been touted as being really quite excellent.

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Review: Olympus 45mm f1.8 MSC

As the other MSC prime lens in the Olympus line up of Micro Four Thirds glass, the 45mm f1.8 is one that will help many prime users complete their entire lineup of fast prime lenses…or at least it promises to. Though many reviews have tested the lens in shooting many various and random things, we’ve felt that many of the reviewers have neglected to test it for what it was designed for. As a fast aperture focal length that equates to 90mm, this lens was designed to shoot portraits.

And that’s exactly what we did on both the EPM1 and EP2. Yesterday, we shot fashion with the lens. And soon we will feature a full portrait session with the lens and a ring light.

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Which One? Olympus EPM1 vs Olympus EP2 Comparison Review

Although is a bit of an out of the ordinary comparison review, it is one that totally makes sense. If you’re an owner of an older Micro Four Thirds product, would you want to upgrade? We compared the EP2 against the EP3 before, but some readers may not be able to justify the EP3‘s expense. That’s not to say it’s not worth it; after reading our review, many readers jumped ship. But the EPM1 (EPM-1 or E-PM1) is a camera that is mostly targeted towards the non-technical user. However, if left in Aperture priority, the camera can do very well in an experienced user’s hands when needing to shoot candid photos.

So if you want a more affordable option, is the Olympus EPM1 worth the plunge if you own an EP2; especially if for $100 more you get the VF2 added on? And if you want, the VF3 works on the EP2 as well.

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Combined Review: Olympus E-PM1

The Olympus EPM1 (or E-PM1 and EPM-1) is a camera that is seemingly targeted towards those that don’t know much about the technical aspects about photography or in some cases, not much about it at all. With this statement said, this isn’t a camera for myself or anyone on my staff—we’re all very experienced. When this camera ended up at my doorstep, I was challenged on how I could do it justice. And then…it hit me.

Today I am publishing a very special review. As many veteran photogs know, there are those of us who lean more towards the technical side of things and those that sway more towards the creative side. To do this review, I called up my friend Belinda Heiman to assist in this. She’s a growing photographer that leans more towards the creative side of things and has just restarted her business with the creation of her Facebook and Twitter pages. As a result, this review will be done from two different points of views: mine and hers. It will focus mostly on using the camera as this audience will be very happy with the image quality in general.

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Samples from the Olympus EPM-1 at the US Open

Olympus treated a bunch of other journalists and I to a night at the US Open here in NYC. We were taken on a special behind the scenes tour where we played with the new Olympus EPM-1 (or E-PM1, EP-M1 and EPM1). Along the way we visited the rooftop, the racquet stringing area and even sat in the photographer pens. Here are a couple of samples of the EPM1 with editing.

Admittedly, I can’t shoot tennis for my life. Nor did I feel that the focusing system and interface of the camera could keep up. The EP3 would have been able to as the touch focus feature is amazing.

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