Dane Shitagi Captures the Astonishing Beauty of Ballet

“I like to think that we’re turning the world into our stage,” the photographer ​​Dane Shitagi tells me. For over more than two decades, he’s collaborated with well over a hundred professional ballerinas, setting up in breathtaking locations across the globe. “I’m looking at it almost as if the dancers are dancing within their own imaginations,” he says. “We’re all explorers, and we’re all products of our environments. There’s something spiritual about discovering our world in this way.” 

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“Muttcracker” Portraits Star Adorable Shelter Pets Alongside Ballerinas

Just in time for the holiday season, sheltered pets of Stray Rescue of St. Louis Shelter got to pose with ballerinas for the Dancers & Dogs project.

In this season of holiday cheer, we’re glad to report on an adorable project for a cause worthy of our support. Say hello to the adorable pets from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis Shelter, who recently posed with the St. Louis Ballet for a fun “Muttcracker” photo shoot. The snaps are part of the light-hearted efforts by the Dancers & Dogs Project to help promote the shelter dogs (and cats) for adoption.

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Dmitri Pryahin’s “ICEDRIFT” Explores the Complexity of Dance

All photos by Dmitri Pryahin. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you were intrigued and hypnotized by the unique and often haunting visual stories of Russian photographer Dmitri Pryahin, we have another of his fascinating series for you to draw inspiration from. In this body of work, titled ICEDRIFT, he continues to push the boundaries of portraiture and conceptual photography to with surreal perceptions of dance and interpretation of human movements.

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How To: An Introduction to Street Style Dance Photography

Dance photography is absolutely gorgeous; how do you get into it?

It’s quite easy for many photographers to scroll their Instagram feed and double tap any dance photography they see. The reason why is because it’s all pretty magical. Like everyone in the photography community says and does though, everyone wants to do it. But how? To figure this out, we talked to photographer Kien Quan and Omar Robles–arguably two of the bigger dance photographers on Instagram. In two separate interviews, we took a look at their work and asked for digestible quotes to help out other photographers.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Lois Greenfield

Dance Photographer Lois Greenfield told us she’s been shooting more or less the same way since she started.

On our latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, Lois Greenfield graced us with her presence, knowledge, and overall creative thought process. Lois started out in photography as a photojournalist in theaters, but then she decided to do a different type of work in studios. Of any modern dance photographer, Lois is truly one of a kind. I reference this heavily in our interview. While Lois started out in film, shooting with a Hasselblad camera and Broncolor Lights mostly with black and white film, since moving to digital, she’s been able to do much more.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Dance Photographer Omar Z Robles

Dance photographer Omar Z Robles has been shooting for the better part of 15 years now; and he’s earned quite a bit of fame from it.

In our most recent episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind (hosted at Adorama) we interviewed Omar Z Robles about his journey as a dance photographer over the years. Omar first started out as a mime and then went back to school to rediscover himself. He found photography and got into shooting street photography. Over time, it turned into working with dancers on the streets to create a type of image that has become iconic on Instagram over and over again. While Omar feels like he still does some sort of documentary process with his work, he feels like he is a creative director of the most part.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Kien Quan

Photographer Kien Quan joined us on Inside the Photographer’s Mind to talk about his dance photography.

We had our first dance photographer recently on Inside the Photographer’s Mind as Kien Quan graced us with his presence. Kien started out as a dancer and then decided that he wanted to get into photography. As Kien explains, he always goes about stuff the hard way. So he got a camera, lights, looked up tutorials, and then got into capturing his friends in his dance crew. From there, he networked with other dancers and did the same thing.

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Dance Photographer Kien Quan Is Our Next Guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind

Get into the mind of how dance photographer Kien Quan creates his images

Based in New York City, Kien Quan is a commercial/lifestyle photographer specializing in capturing dance and movement. With over 10 years of experience in dance, he seeks to “elevate the imagery of the art form through visual storytelling.” We’ve featured Kien a few years back as he experimented with dance photography and smoke bombs. So on July 11th at 5pm EST, The Phoblographer’s Chris Gampat and photographer Kien Quan will sit down at the Adorama Event Space to a studio audience for a live Facebook broadcast. Please join us! You can sign up via Eventbrite right here!

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Charlie Naebeck’s Energetic “Kinetic” Project Takes Dance Photography to New Heights

All images by Charlie Naebeck. Used with permission.

After more than a year of shooting, scouting for collaborators, editing photos, and putting everything together, Charlie Naebeck is finally set to release a book to culminate his Kinetic project. This series, which is an exploration of the energy of dance, is his own take on photographing the graceful movements of this art form through long exposures and multiple exposures. Early into the project last year, we’ve given a preview of his experimental and non-conventional approach to photographing the dancers he collaborated with. Now, he’s gearing up for a worldwide launch of his Kinetic book and an accompanying music album on October 20th.

To catch up with him and learn more about his project, we recently had a chat with Charlie, who shared in great detail the processes, motivations, and ideas behind Kinetic, as well as some information about his upcoming international launch.

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The Urban Movement: Keith Reid’s Wonderful Photos of Dancers in the Streets

All images and text by Keith Reid. Used with permission.

I have always been fascinated by photography and how it connects people with moments in time. I don’t just see a photograph, I see an emotion or an idea that compels the viewer to truly feel connected with the subject by telling a story. My photography has served many purposes for me: it has saved me from my own darkness; forced my hand at a confidence I didn’t know I had; connected me with amazing people I would have never met otherwise. Now I want to use photography as a platform to showcase the sacrifice, skill, dedication, and inspirational talent I get to see in my subjects every day. I shoot primarily in Micro Four Thirds with the Panasonic G85 and use 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 OIS, 25mm f1.7 G ASPH, and a 14mm f2.5 G.

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Jana Cruder Captures the Beauty of Movement with Ballet Dancers and Hippie Powder


All photographs by Jana Cruder. Used with permission.

There’s something about the beauty of motion that can only be captured in photos. In this amazing photo series, New York and Los Angeles-based photographer Jana Cruder captured the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Company in mid-movement surrounded by explosions of colored cornstarch.

Originally the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Company commissioned Cruder to take portraits of the dancers. However, after seeing the group’s ballet performance she was moved to capture the dancers’ emotions and art of motion. “It was so beautiful,” Jana recalled. “It was like dancers amongst beautiful colored light.”

“I really loved how they used colored light to sync up with the movement of the dancers’ bodies and so as a [photographer] I started to think about how I could evoke the feeling I had felt watching them falling softly,” Jana expounded.

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