Martin Beddall: Tips From a Wedding Photojournalist

Hats at the ready as we are half way through our favourite time of year – wedding season! Beautiful dresses, flowers and memories that will last a life time – it’s one of the most special and important days, and having a great photographer there to capture these moments is priceless.

Martin Beddall has been working in the photography industry over 25 years. His background is in national newspapers and magazines having worked for The Times for over ten years and capturing some extremely special and unique moments along the way. It’s this passion to record important moments that led Martin to wedding photography. Here, Martin tells us how he uses his photojournalistic eye to capture the emotional, happy and often chaotic moments of wedding day through his award-winning reportage photography.

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DxOMark Says Nikon D4s Trumps Canon 1D X, Head-to-Head With D4 and Df


DxOMark has analyzed the sensor of the new Nikon D4s, and the results aren’t really surprising. Since the camera is more of an update to the D4 rather than a full-fledged successor, we didn’t really expect the D4s to outperform the D4 by any significant margin. And indeed, this is what DxOMark’s measurements confirm. While the D4s has slightly better overall performance at ISOs 3200 and up, the D4 performs just as well if not a slight notch better at lower ISOs when it comes to dynamic range, tonal range and color sensitivity. The same is true for the Nikon Df.

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Nikon Announces the New D4s: Same as the D4, But Faster


Yup, it’s finally here. After Nikon’s first announcement of the camera and with Adobe knowing what the camera would be like, the company is finally letting the cat out of the bag. The Nikon D4s is what the D3s was to the D3–just a slight speed bump.

The company is once again using a 16.2MP full frame sensor in the camera, but it houses an EXPEED 4 processor that they’re claiming is 30% faster and also allows for the recording for 1080p 60p video (plus 24 and 30p). The processor also lets the camera go to ISO 25,600 with 12 bit uncompressed RAW output. Other features include face priority analysis being able to be turned on or off, 11fps shooting, six possible preset white balances and five AF sensors used as a group.

The D4s also has XQD and CF card format support, the ability to change the size of the focusing point in Live View mode, and a timelapse mode with up to 9,999 images.

When it becomes available for pre-order, you’ll be able to snag yours for $6,496.95. Be sure to check Adorama for availability. More images of the camera are after the jump.

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This Guy From Nikon Professional Services Can Diagnose and Repair a D4 in 20 Minutes

Nikon Professional Services Video Still Capture

We all know that the Japanese can be highly effective at what they do. But watching Kodai Matsumoto from Nikon Professional Services diagnose and repair a Nikon D4 in just over twenty minutes is simply mind-blowing. Granted, the video is a time-lapse, so everything seems super-quick, but still. Twenty minutes to disassemble, diagnose, repair and reassamble a beast of a camera that the D4 is, that’s pretty awesome. Probably the reason why Kodai has this job. NPS provides support services like check and clean, running repairs and equipment loans to accredited Nikon photographers at major events–this video (which you can find after the break) was taken at the FINA World Swimming Championships, BCN2013, in Barcelona, Spain.

Via Nikon Rumors

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CONFIRMED: BBC States That Neither the Nikon D4 or D800 Are Acceptable for Broadcast

Not too long ago, everyone on the net was abuzz about how the Nikon D4 and D800 had passed the EBU Technical test, also known as the BBC test for videography capture. Originally, Nikon Australia stated it, but the page is now down though still active as one can tell by the link. Petapixel picked up on the news, and went further.

We looked at the tests and from the vernacular, it all seemed very questionable. So we contacted the EBU and recently got a hold of Andy Quested, the Head of Technology for BBC HD and 3D. Here’s his statement.

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Usain Bolt Messed Up a Perfectly Good Nikon D4; But It’s Okay, It’s Going to Charity.

We all knew about Usain Bolt grabbing a photographer’s camera after he won the Gold Medal at the Olympics. He then went on to take pictures of almost everything around him in pure joy at the win to remember every single moment. That camera is now up for auction with all the proceeds being sent in to support cancer research.

But this isn’t just an normal camera. First off, it’s a Nikon D4; the company’s top of the line pro-body at the moment. Second, Bolt autographed the camera by apparently taking a screwdriver and carving his signature into the body like a baby cow getting branded.

That’s reason enough to want to follow the good chap on Twitter. As someone who has lost a friend to cancer, it really is a great deed. The camera is up for sale on eBay and at the moment of publishing this story, is just under $9,000.

Via Vice’s Motherboard