Usain Bolt Messed Up a Perfectly Good Nikon D4; But It’s Okay, It’s Going to Charity.

We all knew about Usain Bolt grabbing a photographer’s camera after he won the Gold Medal at the Olympics. He then went on to take pictures of almost everything around him in pure joy at the win to remember every single moment. That camera is now up for auction with all the proceeds being sent in to support cancer research.

But this isn’t just an normal camera. First off, it’s a Nikon D4; the company’s top of the line pro-body at the moment. Second, Bolt autographed the camera by apparently taking a screwdriver and carving his signature into the body like a baby cow getting branded.

That’s reason enough to want to follow the good chap on Twitter. As someone who has lost a friend to cancer, it really is a great deed. The camera is up for sale on eBay and at the moment of publishing this story, is just under $9,000.

Via Vice’s Motherboard

Chris Gampat

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