Nikon Releases Firmware Update for Lower End DSLRs and P7700


If you’ve got a Nikon D5100, D5200, D3100, or D3200 as well as a P7700, then you’ve got some updating to do. But no, you’re not getting a massive firmware update. Instead, this one has to do with juice.

The new firmware update brings with it more accurate battery life readings in addition to the battery life performance being optimized to allow the user to get more from one charge.

In all honesty, Nikon didn’t need this. When we reviewed these cameras, we found the battery life to be incredible. But now it’s even better.

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Which One: Nikon D3200 or Canon Rebel SL1


If you were to try to get into the whole DSLR game today and you wanted to go super-entry level, what would you go with? Many people spring for Canon or Nikon, and both companies have some very good options. We’ve reviewed both the Canon Rebel SL1 and the Nikon D3200 extensively and have come to the point where we believe that it’s time to make a full comparison and conclusion to help you pick the right camera for you.

So what’ll it be? Canon, or Nikon?

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Nikon Updates Distortion Control Profiles on Many of its DSLRs


If you’re a Nikon DSLR owner, you’re in luck. The company has today offered a firmware update for lots of their cameras–and this one is specifically about distortion control. The firmware updates the lens profiles to tell the processor exactly how to react to certain images from certain lenses. The data is meant to correct barrel and pincushion distortion during shooting and editing.

Version 1.09 is available for Nikon D4, D800(E), D90, D7000, D5100, D5000, D3200, and D3100 cameras.

Firmware download links: Mac | Windows

Installation instructions: Mac | Windows

Distortion control can usually be found in the green camera menu of your DSLR–but consult your manual just in case.

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This Photo Booth Looks Like Instagram, But Doesn’t Annoy Your Friends


Photo booths are seriously fun and they’re also highly prized at weddings. Recently, Instructables user and photographer Alexander Morris came up with this awesome setup for a DIY Photo Booth that is inspired by Instagram. Interestingly enough, he did it all out of a few pieces of wood and an Arduino. Of course, that’s putting it in highly simplistic terms. He also fitted the inside with a Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens, two Nikon SB900 flashes, a TV monitor (connected to the 3200’s live view) and cooling fans.

There’s no mention of it being connected to WiFi or anything else like that, but it would be pretty awesome if he used an app to tether the camera to an iPad or Android tablet so that Instagram’s interface can actually then be applied to the images. Either way, it’s a pretty kick ass concept and we encourage you to check it out for yourself.

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First Impressions: Nikon D3200

Well it has not been a quiet time here. It has been hot with lots of events going on. Amongst all this, I received a Nikon D3200 test unit. We have begun our review and here are a few test images as well as my initial thoughts. I reviewed the Nikon D3100 last year and the idea of this review is nice for me. The camera is on the low end of the range and is not as refined as other Nikon cameras, but does it have potential?

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