Cheap Photo: Camera Split Strap From Custom SLR

Custom SLR is the company that announced the M Tripod Mount plate, and today we’ve found a deal on another item of theirs. A new site called PhotoWhoa has a deal on an interesting strap that lets your neck breathe a bit better or your wrist if you’re one that loves to wrap a strap around their wrist. I’ve read before that if your wrists are hot, the rest of you can also be (and I’ve proven it to myself by gauging how much I sweat during the summer while photowalking.) The company also claims that will alleviate pain and stress on your body.

The strap is originally going for $29 but when using this link, you can snag it for $20 instead.

Custom SLR Announces “M-Plate” Universal Tripod Plate

Custom SLR, a Kickstarter-funded venture based in the SF Bay Area, has announced their latest product, the “M-Plate” universal tripod plate. The “world’s first universal tripod plate to offer built-in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections as well as attachment points for accessories” (press-release) attaches to any tripod and can be used in combination with a number of different camera strap systems, such as Custom SLR’s own C-Loop strap mount, the BlackRapid, Spider Holster, Sun Sniper, Cotton Carrier, and any other system that is mounted in the tripod socket.

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