Surprisingly Great! Jared Platt Lightroom Profiles and Curves Review

In a way, the staff and I are all spoiled. We’re photographers who work to get the looks in-camera that you do in post-production. It’s a lot of extra work, but to us, it’s always worth it. And for that reason, we tend to stay away from presets. But, the Jared Platt Lightroom Profiles and Curves package is pretty awesome. It’s part of the 2021 5 Day Deal package. And if I were still using Lightroom often, I’d be addicted to these. They’re fun, and if you’re going for the trendy, super redscale look, then you’ll love these.

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Using Curves on Lightroom to Get the Vintage Film Look

Add the popular vintage film look to your arsenal of Lightroom editing skills with this quick Curves tutorial.

The so-called film look or vintage aesthetic remains a popular visual style among photographers, whether they get it through shooting film or experiment with digital filters and presets. Nothing does it better than shooting with actual film cameras, but if you’re a digital shooter it’s still a look you can achieve. If you’re using Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos and want to know how you can use it to get the film look, here’s a quick tutorial that will cover working with Curves.

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Creating Dramatic Black and White Photos Using Curves and HSL Sliders

Ever wanted to achieve the punchy and dramatic black and white photos you see all over Instagram? Knowing how to tweak the HSL Sliders will help!

Among the most popular and eye-catching styles for black and white photography is the punchy and dramatic look. If creating monochrome photos this way has been your goal, but you have no idea how to achieve it, we have just the tutorial for you. UK-based photographer Sean Tucker has a helpful video showing how to use the HSL sliders to edit your color photos — even with your smartphone!

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Review: Andrew Gibsons “Art of Black and White Photography”

Andrew Gibson’s Art of Black and White Photography teaches the fundamentals that most photographers don’t have today; and it’s part of the 2018 5 Day Deal Photography program.

Lots of folks sit there and say that black and white photography is a crutch for when your editing doesn’t work otherwise, but Andrew Gibsons Art of Black and White Photography is a different beast that begins with telling you to learn how to think in black and white. But that’s sometimes difficult to do as black and white photography has so many different looks. One may most appreciate the looks of a scene with super high contrast scenes and lots of clarity while yet others only adhere to the school of Kodak Tri-X. No matter what level of photographer you are, there is bound to be something that you’re going to learn from Andrew Gibsons Art of Black and White Photography.

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Marvel at Andrés Gallardo Albajar’s Photographs of Seoul’s Urban Geometry

All images by Andrés Gallardo Albajar. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When we talk about Seoul, it’s almost always more about the food, pop culture, and shopping that comes to mind. Architecture isn’t commonly the first thing mentioned. However, Estonia-based photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar reveals the South Korean capital is actually peppered with many architectural elements that have interesting lines, curves, and shapes.

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How To Master The RGB Curves In Photoshop and Lightroom for Better Post Processing

Don’t limit yourself to presets due to ignorance. Learn to process your images with RGB Curves for more fine control.

There is no doubt about it, we are in a preset world where you can achieve virtually any look you desire for your images at the click of a button and the slight push of a slider. However, this is a double-edged sword that can lead to photographers failing to have a defined look or looking too much like everyone else. It is important for photographers to balance that ease while mixing in their own touch to really set their work apart as their own. One way to do this is by learning how to adjust and process your images with the RGB Curves in your image editor of choice, but for the sake of this article, today we are focusing on Photoshop and Lightroom. Continue reading…