Useful Photography Tip #75: Bend Like a Reed In The Wind


“The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

― Confucius

I know you’re like, “WTF” but hear me out. As photographers we have to be flexible. There are those who say they only shoot with prime lenses. There are those who only shoot mirrorless. Hell, there are those like me who swear by full frame sensors. They stick to this. They do not change. However, it does not have to be this way. The equipment we use for photography are tools. To both succeed and get better at this craft we have to adapt and change.

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Universal Ringflash Adapter With A New Clamp Design by RayFlash


RayFlash has discontinued their original Ray Flash Ring adapter (An editors choice award winner here ) and have announced their Universal Ringflash Adapter.  It’s been designed to be light, portable and fit a wider variety of flashes. There are two Universal Ringflash Adapter models the RFU L and the RFU S  and you can identify which one is for you by visiting the compatibility page. The Ringflash Adapter mounts to the front of a Flash and because the Universal Ringflash Adapter is  light, it does not need any other support. The Rayflash site says the Universal Ringflash Adapter creates a distinctive lighting effect. It produces a shadowless look, leaving a soft, even shadow around the edges which are only visible when the subject is close to a light colored background. The site also says the Universal Ringflash Adapter is suited for Fashion, Wedding, Portrait, Press, PR, Events and macro photography as a main or fill-in light.

Via DPReview

Breaking the Third Party Big Flash Trend MieKe Releases MK-300 i-TTL Speedlite for Nikon


I fell off the web for a few days, but when I got back on I noticed something really cool on Lighting Rumors. MeiKe had released a new, cheap mini TTL flash for Nikon cameras. With most 3rd party flashes getting bigger, receiving more features, seeing this small speedlight made me curious. I checked out  MeiKe‘s website for more information but there was not much to see besides images. Physically, the MK-300 flash is reminiscent of the Nikon SB400. The flash element does not seem to tilt up though, This means no flash bouncing when on the camera. However, if you’re clever there are ways around that like using a short hot shoe cable.

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Dynalite’s New XP 800 Pure Sine Wave Inverter Can Charge Your Phones, Power Your Cameras


Hate diesel yet need a lot of power on your field shoots? Well Dynalite has announced  a new solution for you, the XP-800. This pure sine wave inverter is around 15 lbs and can be loaded with power for studio strobes using three AC power outlets and your other electronic equipment with its 3 USB ports. Based in NJ, Dynalite builds and sells some solid lighting equipment. I am certain this will be in line with their level of quality.

The pack has a 1.4 second recycle time in between full power blasts and can be fully charged in under three hours according to what the company claims.

According to Lighting Rumors, Dynalite has confirmed that the XP800 is the same unit as the LP800x. The unit is made, in China ,by Leadpower the same folks who make the Cheetah light.

Dynalite is carried by Adorma but they did not have XP 800 listed as of today .

Review: Photogenic SB22 Square Soft Box

Sample 1
Sample 1

Sample 1

As a lighting enthusiast, I’m a big fan of light modifiers. These are the tools that really let us be creative with out lighting. We use them to shape our light and make it work for us. By far the most popular type of modifier is the soft box. Reviewing soft boxes is nothing new to us here at The Phoblographer. Check out this post by our Editor-In-Chief where Chris uses a pretty nifty hack to use a speed ring soft box with a regular speedlight.

Today we look at the Photogenic SB22 24″ x 24″ square soft box. The SB22 is currently the smallest soft box that Photogenic sells but does it’s size hold it back? Read ahead to find out.

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Making the Most of Window Lighting for Your Photography

I do not know what it is like for other photographers but natural light from windows is very appealing. Photographically, it can be your best friend. This type of light can be used to minimize your mobile kit, especially when it comes to food photography. Natural light from a window can also give still life and product shots an interesting look. If you are photo walking and want to get some quick food and coffee shots, a window can be a great tool that will, mostly, be there for you when you need it.

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Field Review: Gary Fong Origami (Day 1)

After reviewing the Gary Lightsphere Collapsible and being very impressed with its usage in practical photography situations, the Gary Fong Origami ended up at my doorstep for review/keeps. It’s a very unique item unlike anything I’ve seen before. When I was being shown a demo of the unit back at Photo Plus, I looked at the unit in complete confusion saying to myself, “How the heck am I supposed to use this?”

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Review: Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible

The Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsibleis a product that has been used on and off again in The Phoblographer’s postings, but one that has never received a full, proper field review. Called by many to be nothing more than a Chinese soupbowl, my tests have proven that if it is, it is one hell of a versatile one. It has been tested at events, part of a wedding and a concert. Let’s dive right in, here is the full field review.

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New York Comic Con Day 2: The Orbis Continues to Amaze Me

So yesterday I made the bold statement of talking about how the Orbis was great for conventions. I continue to agree with that statement. It makes a wonderful softbox while on the side of the subject and using available light to illuminate the other side of them. Of course, great posing and a bit of editing works well too. Typically, ring flashes are supposed to be used around the lens. Now, I was doing this before with no problems at all using the infrared transmitter on the 7D and 430 EX II. However, I started to have some problem with it as it hasn’t been very effective in going off when triggered by the 7D’s flash. So off lighting camera tactics as well as using the Orbis under the lens are some tactics that I’ve been using. The Orbis isn’t to blame for this, Canon’s flashes are. Additionally, it probably would would for me to get my hands on some radio transmitters in the future (accepting review pitches.) Here’s the gallery; I’ll be going over certain individuals in depth in future postings. Once again with me is:

With me is the:

Canon EOS 7D

Orbis Ring Flash Attachment Kit

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens

Note: All photos here are my property and protected by my government copyright. If you’d like to use them, just ask: I’m a friendly dude. Shoot me an email at ChrisGampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com. All coverage was done for Will Greenwald’s site:

Further note: spot the Easter Egg 😉

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