New York Comic Con Day 2: The Orbis Continues to Amaze Me

So yesterday I made the bold statement of talking about how the Orbis was great for conventions. I continue to agree with that statement. It makes a wonderful softbox while on the side of the subject and using available light to illuminate the other side of them. Of course, great posing and a bit of editing works well too. Typically, ring flashes are supposed to be used around the lens. Now, I was doing this before with no problems at all using the infrared transmitter on the 7D and 430 EX II. However, I started to have some problem with it as it hasn’t been very effective in going off when triggered by the 7D’s flash. So off lighting camera tactics as well as using the Orbis under the lens are some tactics that I’ve been using. The Orbis isn’t to blame for this, Canon’s flashes are. Additionally, it probably would would for me to get my hands on some radio transmitters in the future (accepting review pitches.) Here’s the gallery; I’ll be going over certain individuals in depth in future postings. Once again with me is:

With me is the:

Canon EOS 7D

Orbis Ring Flash Attachment Kit

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens

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Further note: spot the Easter Egg 😉

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