The Ferro Flowers Team Snapped Unique Photos of Metallized Flowers

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“Sometimes you put things together to change their meanings, to get even more beauty,” says Thomas Koch about his project, Ferro Flowers. This was a collaborative effort between Thomas, Frederic Schlosser, and Bruno Damião. The aim of the Ferro Flowers team was to show what nature might look like in the coming years due to the effect of mankind’s actions on our planet.

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Take Your Art to New Heights with Inspiring Words from Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani’s perspectives on art and photography could change the way you perceive your own art and your creative adventures.

Whatever kind of photography genre or creative venture you’re doing, you’re certainly doing art. Award-winning Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani has one important piece of advice to further your craft, “All art has to provoke something. Great art produces discussion.” If you’re not quite sure yet how to do that, this London Real interview will surely inspire you and give you some fresh ideas on how to create thought-provoking art.

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Ayman Abbas’s Chipsy Commercial Shoot Will Give You a Big Smile


All images by Ayman Abbas. Used with permission.

Photographer Ayman Abbas specialises in Advertising and Lifestyle photography and has since 2002. He’s won awards like Coca Cola’s Best advertising photographer in 2008, and prides himself on having accomplished around 1800 days of shooting so far.

So what’s with the giant smile on the faces? Ayman tells us that it was part of a project for a potato chip brand called “Chipsy” where Creative Director Hossam Moro wanted to create something cheerful and different for the brand. What’s really cool is not only their expressions, but the way that the scenes play with colors.

To get the look, Ayman tells us that a Brazilian company retouched the images in a cartoon style to give everyone these giant smiles. The rest of the images are after the jump.

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Nat Geo Creative Director Andy Baker Tells You How to Get Your Work Seen by Potential Clients

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

National Geographic Creative Director Andy Baker has answers to one of the most burning questions most photographers may have: How do I get my work seen by clients?

Andy explains that you first need to have good work, but then you should also try to understand who your client is. For example, Andy states that National Geographic won’t necessarily hire a wedding photographer to do a campaign of theirs because they don’t understand the client (Nat Geo) or their identity and needs.

But more than that, Andy also says that you need to do lots of personal projects to show off what you’re individually capable of–not what a client asks you to do. For that, you need to hone your own unique creative vision to demonstrate the types of work that you can do. If you’re a match, then great. If you’re not then, move on.

His advice can apply to nearly any industry though. If an actor wants a headshot done, they want to see what you can do vs what they’re starting to call the GWC (Guy with a camera.) Further, a Bride and Groom will hire you as a wedding photographer not only based on your work but also on the way that you work and handle people.

Andy’s video is after the jump.

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