How to Shoot Natural Light Portraits in Flower Fields (And Posing People!)

The ultimate dream of mine as a photographer is to shoot in beautiful fields of vast picturesque flower fields.

Every spring and summer my clients know where to find me and my camera. Finding the perfect location for a portrait shoot is always one of the greatest challenges in photography. And once you think you have found the perfect location for your photoshoot, coming up with the creative idea for how to capture both the subject beautifully and the location cohesively can be equally as difficult to execute. The perfect combination of a beautiful location, stunning natural light and eager subject is all a photographer can dream of to create dramatic and ethereal images.

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Cheap Photo: These Killer Tutorials and Preset Deals Expire Soon! 95% Off!

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Photowhoa always has some great deals for photographers looking to get their hands on some affordable tools and learning materials. Some deals, however, are particularly nice and when they are about to expire we highlight them. So, here is your warning, these sweet deals are ending soon!

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How to Photograph Couples


Wedding and Engagement photography has always been a hot subject and can be very profitable if your cards are played right. What many photographers will tell you is that it’s much more about business than it is about shooting, and as a former wedding photographer I can totally attest to that statement. There is a lot more that goes into making two people look good on camera than one would think, and there is even more that goes into making the clients happy.

For this feature, we talked to Andrea Fischman, a recent winner of an outstanding studio award from the Knot. Her photos have also made the NYTimes amongst others. Here’s what she has to say about photographing couples just in time for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to also check out her blog and Facebook page.

All Photos by Andrea Fischman and We Love Photo Booths

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