This Is Wonderful: Holdfast Swagg Dual Camera Strap Review

The Holdfast MoneyMaker is a household name among wedding photographers. The leather dual-camera system is well-loved for the comfortable camera carrying system that keeps two cameras ready to shoot. But, there are two cons to the popular leather strap: the price, and the leather’s inability to fold up small enough to easily tuck inside a bag. That’s where the HoldFast MoneyMaker Swagg dual-camera strap comes in. This cotton version of the popular strap system is almost half the price of the leather version. And the soft cotton means you can fold it to your heart’s content to toss into your camera bag.

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Review: MOAB Entrada 300 (The Darling of Black and White Photography)

MOAB Entrada 300 makes black and white photos look great.

Printing is still a large part of running the Phoblographer, and MOAB Entrada 300 is a fascinating paper to us in many ways. Most matte papers we test have some sort of texture to them, but MOAB Entrada 300 is an oddity in this way as it is a smooth matte paper. The result is a loss of detail when compared to something like a luster or a glossy print. MOAB Entrada 300 instead has the look of something almost like Red River Palo Duro papers, which are designed to emulate the look of the darkroom. In this case, MOAB Entrada 300 is for a photographer who really liked black and white. More importantly, it’s for the person printing an image who doesn’t know where they want to place it. To that end, it’s excellent for displaying it anywhere in your home.

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Moo’s Latest Business Cards are Made From Cotton

Lots of photographers have trusted MOO for years when it comes to business cards. And now the company just got a whole lot cooler. They just announced cotton business cards. Yes, cotton. If you’re a photographer who prints often, then this isn’t only exciting but also very familiar. You see, lots of papers these days are made with cotton because it gives you a much different quality and feel than what’s possible with paper. Some papers are a mixture of trees and cotton.

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Photography History: The Creation and History of the Platinum Print

“The beginnings of the serious use of platinum printing dates back to the late 19th century when photographers who saw themselves as primarily artists were very anxious to differentiate themselves from…lowly amateurs,” says Philippe Garner, the International Head of Photographs at Christie’s, in a recent video about Platinum printing. Indeed, this process is absolutely beautiful and over time it became more selective and high end.

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!mo Updates Their Camera Strap Line with 11 New Designs, Promises Madd Street Cred

!mo, the company with the weird name that I for the life of me cannot pronounce, just released brand new strap designs. Staying true to their philosophy, they’ve got a lot more flare than your standard strap. Once again, they come in Neoprene or cotton depending on what your style is. They’re available at Rigu, but here’s the rundown for you and as usual, click then links and then use the discount code PHOBLOG10 for an extra 10% off

– Orange wheel



Oceanic Plant

Black Romance Skulls


Lemon Tree


Fruit at night

Coffee Heart

Happy Prince

Yellow Sweetie


(UPDATE: PHOBLOGRAPHER READERS GET 10% OFF) Cheap Photo: The New Straps from !mo Are Beautifully Retro Vintage: Will Do Well In Your Instagram Feed

Talk about some beautiful and retro styled goodness, Rigu now has new straps in from !m0 (when you figure out how to pronounce it, please share). There are a bunch of different varieties with the cotton straps being able to hold 180lbs before they break (that weighs more than I do) and the neoprene ones can bench press 120lbs. The Neoprene also has some snazzy quick release buckles for faster strap transfers from one camera to another if you’re a collector like I am.

You can do a lot more than stare at these straps on your screen, as they’re available in a bunch of different varieties on Rigu’s page. And even I have to say that they’re pretty damned affordable.

Editor’s Note Update: Make a purchase using this link and enter the code PHOBLOG10 and get 10% off of your purchase.