For $29: Boudoir Photography Tutorial Pack and 300+ Lightroom Presets

We’ve got an exclusive deal for Phoblographer readers who shoot Boudoir.

We’ve got some pretty great news for you all: we’ve teamed up with PhotoWhoa to bring you all a pretty awesome package if you’re into boudoir photography, intimate portraiture, etc. Best of all, it’s only $29! This special package was put together in collaboration with PhotoWhoa and is an exclusive for Phoblographer’s readers. For those of you who want to find new inspiration to make your images pop (and give your clients a fresh new look) we’ve got over 300+ Lightroom presets. And now that you’ve got those snazzy new presets, we’ve got a package for you to help you in your marketing plan to get new clients including contract bundles, promo emails, pricing structures, etc.

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7 Big Mistakes I’ve Made as a Photographer


It’s often said that we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. That’s certainly the case with photography, where I’ve made plenty of them. However, I’ve learned that there is always something to be learned from my past errors, which sometimes have the benefit of helping others. Here are 7 mistakes that I’ve made that you may or may not have made already, but which should be avoided whenever possible.

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