A Powerful LED Option! Stella Pro Clx10 Review

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Over the years, LED lighting has offered photographers a cost-effective and creative option to up their lighting game. If you were to search for a portable LED, the options are very slim. Light & Motion is one of the only brands to bridge that gap. Their Stella Pro Clx10 is a powerfully compact and versatile offering that will entice a lot of photographers. It features an integrated battery, bi-color LED options and packs a lot of power for its fun size. The question is, can it truly replace the need for strobes as advertised?

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Hybrid Shooters Will Love It: Light and Motion CLx10 Review

The Light and Motion CLx10 continuous light could be a great light for on the go hybrid photographers.

We are huge champions of learning how to use flash, strobes, and continuous lights here at The Phoblographer. Nothing is more liberating or more freeing than being able to shoot in many lighting conditions. We were offered the chance to test and review the Light and Motion CLx10. The CLx10 is a 10,000 lumen continuous light. Many photographers might appreciate continuous light more than a standard flash in the day and age of exposure previews. How does this continuous light source work in the real world? Should you buy it? Find out in our full review.

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First Impressions: Light and Motion Stella Pro CLx8 Continuous LED Light

The newest Stella Pro CLx8 continuous LED light is specifically designed with photographers in mind.

Constant LED lighting has been gaining popularity amongst photographers for the last few years. It’s becoming particularly popular with photographers who have yet to master professional strobes but are aiming to take their images to the next level by utilizing lighting. While continuous LED lights are useful tools for lighting, their biggest weakness is a relatively low power output when compared to traditional strobes. The folks at Light & Motion aim to address this common shortcoming with their newest Stella Pro CLx8 Continuous LED Light, which features a maximum light output of 8,000 lumens. We spent some time shooting with this new light from Light & Motion this past week while we in Oregon for Sony’s Kando 3.0 Trip, head on after the jump for our first impressions of the Stella Pro CLx8.

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Hive Lighting Unveils New 100-Watt LED Light, the WASP 100-C

Academy Award nominated, Hive Lighting, has announced a Kickstarter campaign for an upcoming addition to its continuous lighting family, the WASP 100-C. Designed with photography, cinematography, events, and other special use applications in mind, Hive Lighting aims to bring high quality lighting and control to everyone. Some of the features of the unit include an all-metal construction, tunable color temperature, and broad compatibility with a wide-range of light modifiers from various manufacturers.

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The New Fotodiox FlapJack 1 x 1 LED Edgelight Targets Tabletop Photographers

Today Fotodiox announced the release of their all-new FlapJack 1 x 1 LED Edgelight. The latest edition in their FlapJack family of LED lights, the unit is targeted towards product and tabletop photographers, videographers working on-location and in-studio, as well as for other general purpose lighting scenarios.

The FlapJack 1 x 1 is fully dimmable and provides full control over color temperature. In terms of light output, the unit matches Fotodiox’s larger, 18” FlapJack Studio, which is designed to offer a broader light for larger setups. Power is provided via the included AC adapter for continuous use or a pair of NP-F style batteries for up to 90 minutes at maximum power. Its 1 x 1 flat form factor has been designed for easy storage, stacking, and transport with the light including a carrying case and shoulder strap.

The FlapJack 1 x 1 is available now through Fotodiox’s website here.

Review: Impact One Light Umbrella Kit

Impact is a brand that has been known for creating gear that is extremely capable but at a very affordable price. When the Impact One-Light Umbrella Kit was sent to me for review, I initially thought that it was one heck of a weird kit. I mean you get one lamp, a reflector for said lamp, a stand and a large shoot through umbrella plus a light bulb for a super affordable price.

But is it really worth it?

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