The New Canon EOS R6 Firmware Is Incredibly Impressive

The Canon EOS R6 won my respect with an impressive autofocus system that excels even with fast subjects and tricky lighting. But, that system just got an upgrade. Earlier this month, Canon released firmware 1.5 for the EOS R6, which adds vehicle detection, among other improvements. I downloaded the latest Canon R6 firmware to see how the new features hold up.

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Adam Jones Captured a Unique Photo of This Divebombing Barn Swallow

“Be open the awe and wonder of the natural world you live in, and you will never run out of subjects to photograph,” says photographer Adam Jones. Residing in Kentucky and shooting professionally for over four decades, Adam has encountered many wildlife subjects and scenarios during his career. However, even he couldn’t have expected the kind of hostility he met while trying to snap a barn swallow on his porch.

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Here’s Why You’re Not Going to Want the Canon EOS R6

When comparing the Canon EOS R6 to its main rivals, there’s nothing that makes it stand out, especially not for $2,499.

Over the last couple of months, the amount of noise about the new Canon EOS R5 has been almost deafening, but when it comes to the Canon EOS R6, the noise hasn’t been quite as loud, and now we know why. The Canon EOS R6, which was announced today alongside its bigger brother, the EOS R5, and a bevy of new lenses, is an odd one. The spiritual successor to Canon’s 6D DSLR line comes in with a whopping price tag of $2,499 and specs that aren’t exactly awe-inspiring (a 20mp sensor for instance). Let’s talk about it and break the specs down a little more after the break.

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The Canon R5, R6 May Ship in Sept, August, But Will the Prices be Right?

The Canon R5 and the R6 are the most anticipated cameras of 2020, but Canon needs to get this right, or the RF mount may have to head back to the drawing board.

Canon has the photography world’s attention right now. All eyes have been on the BIG C since they first announced the Canon R5 and the Canon R6, and for a good reason. A quick look at the reported specs will make any photography and videographer weak at the knees, but until today, firm shipping timelines have been hard to come by, and there is still no word on pricing. It’s the latter part of that last sentence that has us slightly worried. Canon need’s to be really careful when it comes to pricing their new cameras, or they may find that their RF mount simply won’t gain traction. After the break, we will take a quick look at everything that may be happening in September and August, and we will discuss possible pricing strategies.

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