Review: Canon EOS M50 (Canon EF-M) (Not Bad, But Not Fantastic)

eos m50

The Canon M50 isn’t that bad of a camera at all, but we feel it should be packed with more features.

The Canon M50 has to be one of Canon’s best mirrorless camera options yet; but at the moment of writing this review, it still feels like Canon is intentionally holding themselves back for reasons that I genuinely don’t understand. Canon’s sensors are arguably also not as fantastic as those offered by their competitors. However, mirrorless camera sales are starting to outdo DSLRs. So Canon can only hold back for so long. If I were to equate this to anything in their lineup, it would be something akin to a high-end Rebel camera. Canon put features in that reviewers have been asking for for a long time now such as 4K video, silent shutter, etc. The camera on its own is pretty darned good. But when you put it next to the competition, it quickly starts to crumble.

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Canon’s New M50 is a Bit More Exciting Than Their New Rebel T7

The Canon M50 and Canon Rebel T7 are two of the company’s latest cameras.

Let me get the less exciting product straight out of the way: the new Canon Rebel T7 is literally the Canon Rebel T6 but with a 24.1MP APS-C sensor. Why? Maybe it’s just Canon trying to find a way to increase profits and not spend a lot of money. But with more megapixels on that sensor, the built in DIGIC 4 processor may struggle to catch up. However, with the new Canon M50, we’re actually seeing a whole lot of new (and in some ways a few strange) things.

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