Review: Canon Powershot G1 X

Mirrorless cameras are huge right now. Micro four thirds systems are growing at an alarming rate, and companies like Sony and Fuji are continuing to innovate with exciting new cameras that are pushing the bar and getting us closer to being able to leave our clunky DSLRs at home.

The problem though, is that Canon and Nikon, companies with well established DSLR lines, seem to be a little hesitant to dive into the mirrorless market, in fear of cannibalizing the the low-end DSLR sales. The Nikon 1-series was an excellent step in the right direction, but many feel it was a cop-out, and Nikon’s way of being sure it wouldn’t harm their entry-level DSLRs. In the meantime, Canon updated their G series line with the G1 X–a slightly larger camera with a much larger sensor and some other much needed improvements. Is it enough to compete with the likes of Fuji, Sony, or Olympus, or is Canon crippling the G1 X to save their DSLRs? Let’s find out!

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