Is the Canon EF-M Series of Cameras Doomed?

With the new announcement of the Canon EOS R7 and EOS R10, we’re curious about whether or not the Canon EF-M series is doomed. I mean, why bother to continue it? The autofocus performance is subpar compared to that of the RF series of cameras. Nothing in this lineup is weather resistant either. And, for the most part, lenses for it haven’t been released or developed in a while. So is it really gone?

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It’s Not Canon’s Greatest Achievement: Canon EOS M50 II Review

The Canon EOS M50 II doesn’t put the EF-M mount in good light.

Canon saw a great deal of success with the original EOS M50. The camera was snapped up by camera newbies and vloggers who wanted a light camera to tote around. It never wowed us with its image quality, but its versatility was delightful. The APS-C Canon EOS M50 II looks to build on that success, but will a few upgrades here and there make it a worthwhile buy in 2021? Can it compete in this market space? Find out in our full review.

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Canon Could Have Big Plans for EOS M Cameras in 2021

eos m50

EOS M cameras from Canon will fight to live another day.

Canon’s EOS M cameras are, let’s say, interesting. There have been a couple of success stories from this line of cameras, but for the most part, the cameras have been forgettable. We will say that interest in the cameras is decent in Japan. (This is a country where small cameras are cherished.) In other parts of the world, the Canon EOS M line has faltered. However, this isn’t stopping Canon from forging ahead with them. If the noise from some insiders is true, there will be new EOS M cameras. On top of that, Canon is apparently ready to re-invent the line. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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