6 Tips to Help You Create Powerful Street Portraits Abroad

Street portraits are a wonderful way of connecting with strangers. I cut my teeth in the street portrait world in London, the home of diversity and creativity. Since then, I’ve spent more time outside of the UK than in it and had the pleasure of creating street portraits worldwide. However, not every culture requires the same approach, and initiating and requesting a street portrait requires a different strategy built on empathy and care.

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20 Foolproof Tips on How to Take Better Candid Portraits

Candid portraits are much harder than you’d think they are. 

First and foremost, candid portraits often require one of two things: either a lot of trust in the photographer or a really stealthy photographer that absolutely cannot be seen or heard. This is what many aspire to be: the fly on the wall. But if you can’t be this type of photographer, here’s how you can become more like it.

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Greg Turner’s Candid Street Portraits Use Light in a Gorgeous Way

Photo Essays is a series on the Phoblographer where photographers get to candidly speak their mind about a specific subject or project of theirs. Want to submit? Send them to editors@thephoblographer.com.

All images and text by Greg Turner.

My interest has always been to explore identity, emotions and experiences, in particular those influenced by existentialism and angst. It is almost certainly a little self-indulgent but it is entirely the product of my own experiences and difficulties as a child; of having to figure out who you are and how you’re going to ‘be’ when those around you don’t want you to ‘be’ with them. Exclusion at a young age has a lasting impact but thankfully my conclusions as an adult are entirely positive. I’m happy to be who I am even if the process of self-understanding is by no means finished.

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