Miguel Raimundo Shares His Secret to Beautiful Street Portraits

“It’s the best way to make friends,” says Portuguese street portrait photographer Miguel Raimundo when asked if he’s made any long term acquaintances while photographing strangers. Asking permission for photos goes a long way toward getting a smile in return. But there’s always the odd person who feels threatened and can even become abusive. Miguel shrugs it off with a smile and just continues on his merry way.

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Eric Davidove Shows Off His Vibrant and Energetic Street Photography

“My passion is street photography and I tend to make quirky and humorous photos,” says the photographer Eric Davidove. He continues, “perhaps this is because I was a street mime for ten years and have a knack for spotting and exploiting situations such as this.” Davidove recently submitted his series Mission District to our arts team, and we’re sharing it with you.

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What Are the Ethics of Beach Photography? And Do People Really Care?

Everyone loves going to the beach, right? The sunshine, the sand, and the good vibes; who doesn’t enjoy that type of atmosphere? For photographers, the beach is an ideal spot for making cool photographs. That’s why you see so many portrait and lifestyle shoots shot on the beach. But for candid photography, things become complicated. There are certain ethics one has to abide by, and I’ll cover them in this article.

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New Law Bans Making Photographs of Women Breastfeeding. Is It Right?

In April 2021, I wrote an article that tackled the topic of creating photographs of women breastfeeding in public. I asked a simple question: “In the world of street photography ethics, is it okay to photograph a woman breastfeeding?” My conclusion was, if it’s happening in a public space and the intentions are pure, then it has to be fair game. However, a recent article on the BBC shows that members of the public and the authorities disagree.

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Is Twitter Attacking the Freedoms of the Street Photography?

It’s been over a week since Twitter decided to give more power to people who don’t want unconsented images of them shared on the platform. News outlets worldwide rushed to push the news out to their readers. The Phoblographer and I decided to wait. We waited because Twitter’s latest policy decision impacts something I love: street photography. And I didn’t want to write about the topic based on impulse. So, now that the dust has settled, here are my two cents on the matter.

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3 Beautiful 90mm Lenses That You’re Bound to Love!

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If you’re looking for something in-between an 85mm and 135mm lens, consider 90mm Lenses. For many years, it was considered a classic portrait lens. And today, there aren’t many of them left. However, that doesn’t mean that modern 90mm lenses aren’t great. In fact, they’re arguably some of the best lenses in the market. And for what they are, they’re instrumental in a variety of situations. We’ve rounded up some of the best we’ve reviewed over the years.

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Open Your Eyes: Why Candid Photography Is Under Threat

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Often, we fail to see an issue until it happens. Though the reality is, the signs were evident that a problem was approaching. The law protects candid photography and our right to document in public spaces. It allows us to make images, even if some around us prefer we don’t. But events in recent years could be a sign that the future of candid photography isn’t secure. And if we don’t treat this as a critical situation, the right to do what we love and need may disappear.

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Two Legends Share the Best Time and Era to Shoot Candid Photography

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There’s a wonderful thing about candid photography that’s unique to those who have shot it for some time. Experienced photographers have had the opportunity to see society evolve and document it along the way. If you look back at how life was in the 70s, it is much different from life today. I’m still relatively new to shooting candidly, so I don’t have the authority to speak on how society has evolved. Thankfully, I know a couple of people that do. Let’s go!

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Breaking Down My Fear of Photographing in Dangerous Countries

Photographing in dangerous countries can be crippling for a photographer.

I’m fortunate to have traveled to many corners of the earth. I have photography to thank for that. From Los Angeles to New Delhi, I’ve had the opportunity to make photographs in some cool locations. But I’ve also visited some dangerous spots during my travels: the kind of places people quickly tell you to put your camera away. It can spoil a trip and instill fear of making photographs. It’s something I had to learn to overcome, and here’s how I did it.

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Is It Ever Okay to Shoot Photos in a Graveyard?

Graveyards are a sensitive topic, which begs the question: is it okay to photograph them?

For many people, talking about death or anything linked to it brings out a host of sensitives. Losing a loved one isn’t easy, nor is the aftermath of arranging where to keep them. Because of the pain associated with someone dying, talking about it is somewhat taboo. For those who have opted for a burial, graveyards become the home of the ones they’ve lost. They’re peaceful environments: a place for reflection and closure. They’re also often public spaces, and people have the right to photograph in them. But does that make it okay?

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The Ideas Behind Why Smaller Sensor Cameras Are Better Than We Think

Lots of folks love to hate on smaller sensors like APS-C and Four Thirds, but they’re a lot better than you may think.

Does anyone remember APS-H? It was a format primarily used by Canon in a variant of their 1D camera models. Back then, they had one full-frame camera for high megapixel shooting and one APS-H camera for sports shooting. APS-H was a 1.3x crop factor, and sports photographers loved the combination of lower megapixels, excellent high ISO performance, and most of all, the extra reach it gave their camera lenses. But then Canon did away with it and went full frame with the option of a crop factor. The truth is that photographers loved their APS-H sensors, and we just adapted to using a full-frame. And for what it’s worth, APS-H is still a great example of why smaller sensors can be better.

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Redditors Call Out “Female Privilege” in Candid Photography

An interesting Reddit thread has popped up, highlighting the difference for men and women in candid photography.

We all know the stereotype — a middle-aged man with a big camera and long lens, photographing people passing by. He must be a creep, a child snatcher, a voyeur with ill intention. Most of the time, I feel confident saying those labels are unfair; most people have good ethics and only want to capture candid moments. In this thread, photographers highlighted some of the everyday issues they feel and face when out shooting in public.

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These Are The Best Focal Lengths For Capturing Candid Moments

Different focal lengths lend unique perspectives to your images. Give these a try the next time you’re photographing candid moments.

Candid moments are happening all around us, and photography affords us the unique ability to distill and immortalize them into a single frame. Situational awareness is key. Most candid moments tend to reveal themselves as long as you’re paying attention to your surroundings. While there are no hard and fast rules that you must adhere to when it comes to capturing these “Kodak Moments,” some focal lengths certainly work better than others. Be sure to give these different focal lengths a go the next time you’re planning on capturing candid moments.

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OP-Ed: Street Photography Has Lost Its Soul. Here’s How to Find It

Let’s take a look at how street photography can remain fresh and relevant in the future.

I’ve been consuming a lot of street photography of late. Partly because that’s my job, and also because I’m stuck at home. Through my Instagram, I’ve been able to connect to many street photographers I’d not come across before, while also being introduced to some fantastic work in the process. But as I scroll through hashtags and feeds, I see many of the same styles and approaches, most of which offer very little substance. Right now, those styles are popular, not just on Instagram, but throughout the community as a whole. But like most styles, they have a lifespan, and here’s what I feel street photographers need to do to keep the scene nice and fresh as we move into the future.

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The Phoblographer’s Favorite Cities for Street Photography

The world is full of amazing places to shoot street photography. Here are some of my favorite cities from around the globe to practice the candid artform.

Diversity is a beautiful thing. Different cultures, attitudes, and values make the world go round. It’s because of our varied approaches to life that street photography can flourish. So much compelling content can be created because of the fact there’s an abundance of things to learn about the world. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting many nations, and almost all of them have provided me with their own unique experience. Some incredibly inspiring, and some, not so much. But while there’s a conversation to be had about the uneventful cities, I want to share with you some of the best!

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Marina Koryakin Creates Stylish Street Photography and Talks Ethics

All street photography images by Marina Koryakin. Used with permission.

“I always liked to watch people, and create an imaginative world which I can escape to,” says Marina Koryakin. She adds, “in 2015 I bought my first camera, and I became drawn right away to the world of street photography.” Born in Ukraine and now residing in Israel, Marina has stamped her authority on the street photography scene. In just a short space of time she has grown in popularity, and her work is enjoyed by many. Her street photographs are beautifully balanced, and her exciting subjects bring them to life. Shooting out on the streets is her way of communicating with the world. In her words, “[my motivation comes from] the need to express myself and my artistic vision.”

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Franzie Allen’s Experience of Shooting Street Photography Is About Bravery

All images by Franzie Allen. Used with permission. 

If you shoot street photography in somewhere like London or New York, you’re afforded the luxury of being able to work freely in a public space. Franzie Allen is perfecting her craft in Dubai, a part of the world known for its restrictive laws – photography is no exception. That, however, does not stop her doing her thing and doing it exceptionally well! Her street photography is full of beautiful light and vibrant colors, sucking you in by leaning on some tried and tested techniques. Although for Franzie, street photography is more than creating photographs. “Street Photography is my therapy.” She opens up, “…in the fast-paced world we are in now, it helps me slow down and appreciate the things around us.”

It’s time for us to appreciate everything she captures.

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Is This The End of In-PUBLiC? Questioning What Street Photography Really Is

The question ‘what is street photography?’ has caused a divide within the community for decades. It could now be causing destruction.

iN-PUBLiC has been a long-standing and respected collective in street photography. For the best part of 18 years, it has featured some of the most applauded and successful street photographers in the game. However, could one simple photograph be about to bring what has been a strong source of education for so many to its bitter end?

This week two of the collectives photographers, including the founding member, made the decision to leave iN-PUBLiC. Sources have suggested that both Nick Turpin and Nils Jorgsensen (who have both been removed from the website) were unhappy with the collectives current selection in their ‘Photo of the Month’ category.

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In Pursuit of Candid Moments with Irynka Hromotska

All images by Irynka Hromotska. Used with permission.

The love for photography is sparked by things both big and small. For Ukraine-based Irynka Hromotska, those things were as big as her dad’s lot of undeveloped films from his mountain trips, and as small as a few issues of National Geographic magazine. These things naturally sparked her interest not only in travel and photography, but also the pursuit of candid moments. This is very much the meat of her work, whether it’s travel photography or street photography.

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8 Fantastic Lenses for Candid Photography in Any Situation

You must think and react fast in candid portraiture, and you need a lens that won’t get in your way

Candid photography has become more and more popular as the masses become more and more tone deaf to the look of cliché posed portraits. It’s a less perfect form of portraiture, but a truer to life one as well. But popularity and the techniques to capturing these candid images aside, what sort of lenses are best for candid photography? This is the question we hope to answer for you today, with the goal of pointing you in the direction of some gear that will make your life as a candid photographer easier. Continue reading…

Gene Altman’s Vintage Street Photography Showcases Candid NYC in the 1960s

All images by Gene Altman. Used with permission. 

“What drew me to street photography was the thrill of candid photography,” explains photographer Gene Altman about his candid street photography from the 1960s in NYC. “I was drawn to it because I soon found that giving people time to pose usually masked their truth.” Gene’s images are part of his book called Cityscapes: Intimate Strangers which brings many of these beautiful candid moments to the fore. Gene moved to NYC a long time ago in pursuit of becoming a full time photographer. There were bouts in between where he went without work and sometimes got depressed. So in order to cope, he went out and photographed the people in the streets.

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