Review: Cameleon (iOS)


It’s not Instagram and it totally isn’t Hipstamatic’s Oogl, but Cameleon is an app that is designed to go after the more pro-minded mobile photographer. You won’t get all the classic cool named filters that either of the previously named apps offer but the cool thing about Cameleon is that it allows you to basically make your own with lots of control over how the final image is going to look. If you have the patience or the color theory knowledge, then this could become an app that will really appeal to you and your pro-set mind–providing the app starts to take itself more seriously.

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6 Apps to Unleash Your Mobile Photography Creativity


“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” – Ansel Adams

The connected camera and mobile photography currently represents a major switch in the way that modern photography works. As much as people may say that it is the end of professional photography, they still don’t realize that it’s still all about the creativity in the mind of the person behind the camera. And while some apps are quite good, others allow you to unleash even more creativity than a standard filter. Here are our favorites.

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