The Cams Pro Sling Strap is for Cameras With Vertical Grips

Cams Pro Sling Strap Camera Plate and Lens Plate

A new Kickstarter is looking to solve a problem with photographers who like to shoot with vertical grips. They’re called CAMS, and they’re putting out the Pro Sling Strap.

The concept behind it is pretty simple: there are loads and loads of photographers who like to shoot with a vertical grip whether because it makes them look more pro or because of pure comfort. But indeed, many straps out there don’t always work so seamlessly with grips due to some sort of knob sticking out–and so you’ll often have to wrap your fingers around said knob. But the Cams Sling Strap offers a flat surface for use with a tripod collar or a tripod slot. This effectively lets you wrap your hand around the grip with less of an issue.

The units are made using aluminum and steel can can be used with either a lens tripod collar or a camera depending on what configuration you want to use. Then you’ll need to add the strap obviously.

It seems to otherwise work a lot like the BlackRapid straps–which is great for wedding photographers and photojournalists.

Their product video is after the jump.

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BlackRapid Releases A Few New Products With The Ladies in Mind


Blackrapid, the maker of my favorite camera strap, the RS-7, has a few new products. Two are totally new while one is an update. The Kick and the Moss CURVE are the new straps while the BlackRapid Tether Kit was significantly updated.

The BlackRapid Kick Camera Strap, created for the ladies, by ladies, is brand new and ergonomically designed for the female form. This strap has a thicker wider, shoulder pad compare the Elle. The kick has a shorter pad which is also compatible to Brad, Black Rapid’s underarm system. The shorter pad has a built-in curve.

The BlackRapid RS-7 Moss Curve Camera Strap  is a new version of the RS-7 Curve. This strap is a moss-green color which makes it a bit more fashionable. The Moss has all the features of the RS-7 curve with the built-in curve and all the compatibility with blackrapid accessories.

The Black Rapid Tether Kit, was created to customize the BlackRapid kit. It adds an extra sense of security to the BlackRapid straps. Its been updated to add an extra connection point between the camera and the strap. There are two safety tethers and two carabiners there to clip your gear to your belt loop. There is also microfiber bag to carry it all neatly.

They’re all available for purchase now at the corresponding links.

Tether Tools and BlackRapid Team Up To Create A Shoulder Strap for your iPad


Tether Tools is a company creating photography accessories for mainly in-studio and on-location shoots–as well as solutions for tethering. BlackRapid creates camera straps that have become an essential companion for some hardcore photographers because of their strap’s utility and functionality. When you put these two companies together, you get the TabStrap for the Wallee System which includes a shoulder strap, connector, and bracket to work with your iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1 (case is sold separately).

This accessory uses the BlackRapid Metro strap and the Hitch D-Ring with Tether Tool’s Wallee tablet connectors to give users an extra hand on a shoot. The tablet hangs along the side of your body, similar to any shoulder-strap bag and from the looks of it, would not be ideal for hardcore traveling. It is geared towards photographers who constantly refer their iPad or other tablet during a shoot and can’t afford to pay an intern to hold gear for them.

The entire TabStrap setup will cost $89.90 while for users who already own Tether Tool’s tablet connection kit, they can separately purchase the BlackRapid accessories for $39.95. All of this can be found and purchased through Tether Tool’s website.


If Seat Belts Save Lives, the Lens Loop Saves…Your Camera?

Camera straps are a much lusted item of many photographers. When Vadim Gordin, the creator of the Lens Loop contacted me about trying out his new Lens Loop camera strap, I was very intrigued yet confused at the same time. The project, which is in its KickStarter stages, hopes to become a full fledged product to be launched in stores across the nation. So does a seat belt really stand a chance as being your new camera strap?

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Field Review: Sigma 85mm F/1.4 EX DG HSM (Day 3)

Sigma 85mm F/1.4
Sigma 85mm F/1.4

EXIF Data: ISO 100, 1/500 sec, F/2.0

If you’ve been following this review of the Sigma 85mm F/1.4, then today is probably the day that most people have been waiting for…portrait day. I enjoy taking portraits but, for the most part, my family and friends aren’t too fond of me sticking a camera in their face and then posting photographs of them up on the The Oh, well…they are going to have to deal. You can also catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 in the according links.

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