Report: Canon EOS R’s New Firmware Makes AF Comparable to Sony’s

The Canon EOS R is getting a firmware update that significantly improves its autofocus for sports and portraiture.

Though folks will sit there and belittle the Canon EOS R, I genuinely like it. I see it as a step closer to Canon actually deciding to listen to its customers and the industry. With the news of the latest firmware update, the Canon EOS R is becoming even better. On a recent press trip, we had the chance to play with a beta version of the latest firmware update. This new update brings majorly improved autofocus tracking. Indeed, a room of journalists was seriously pleased with some demonstration videos we saw.

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After That Adobe Price Increase, I’m So Happy I Switched to Capture One

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Photographers are clamoring and complaining about the Adobe price increase test, and Capture One has never looked sweeter.

Before I go on, I should mention that this isn’t a sponsored post. So, any accusations of that can go out the window with both our 10 year long policy and the fact that we clearly label everything that is sponsored. This isn’t my rubbing “I told you so” into your face either. This is my call to remind everyone that there is another option arguably better in every single way than Adobe. The way that I like to describe an Adobe relationship is to make it synonymous to an abusive relationship or a drug. You keep coming back for more and more. You know it’s bad. You know you can do better. But yet for some odd reason you decide you’re happier being comfortable. That comfort means sometimes you sustain but more of the time you just don’t grow.

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