Review: Masters of Photography With Albert Watson

Masters of Photography is back again with a new online course. This time you will be given in-depth knowledge from the prestigious fashion and portrait photographer, Albert Watson.

From the first minute I picked up a camera I had that passion. And when I was shooting last week I still had that passion” says Watson. An opening statement that gives the student reassurance they’re about to learn from someone still enthusiastic about the art form. With our excitement bubbling over, let’s take a deeper look at Albert Watson’s Masters of Photography course…

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Albert Watson Relates the Story of His Iconic Image of Steve Jobs

“That’s maybe the best picture ever taken of me” is what Steve Jobs told Albert Watson.

Photographer Albert Watson has photographed many celebrities and important people; but his image of Steve Jobs is one that really, truly stands out to lots of folks. Albert shot it with large format film and Steve was questioning why. With all honesty, Albert said that he didn’t believe that digital was there yet–and amazingly Steve agreed! But this was pretty difficult for Albert as Steve Jobs apparently hated photographers.

Of course, you can immediately see what kind of difficulty this must’ve been.

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Albert Watson on His Career and Iconic Photographs

Screenshot image taken from the video by Phase One

Those who are probably not familiar with the name Albert Watson must have still seen seen many of his iconic images. The British photographer has taken timeless portraits of many celebrities, and has worked with some of the biggest global brands for their advertising campaigns. From the start of his career, his images have graced the covers and pages of the world’s top magazines, such as Rolling Stone, Time, GQ, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Today, Albert Watson is credited for hundreds of well-known photographs of the famous and the influential, from movie stars, supermodels, and rock stars, to Steve Jobs, former US President Bill Clinton, and Queen Elizabeth. In this insightful video by Phase One, we get to learn something about his colorful career, as well as the story behind some of his beautiful photographs from the master himself.

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Photographers Albert Watson and Mark Seliger Talk About Analog vs Digital

On Wednesday September 6th, Mark Seliger and Albert Watson were part of a short panel discussion talking about photography through their careers and how things have changed. The Panel was put on by Phase One in collaboration with the Aperture Foundation. But in addition to that, they also talked about how they’ve evolved as artists. Albert even told the story about how he captured one of his most famous images of Steve Jobs–which involved him thinking about telling an entire boardroom that they were wrong and he was right. Later on, Tim Cook would call Albert up to ask for that image with immediacy.

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The Light That Albert Watson Shapes

Screenshot taken from the video.

Albert Watson has been a working photographer in New York City since 1976, where he began primarily as a commercial photographer, before finding his passion and transitioning into a more fine art look. You likely know him for his working fashion, or with celebrity portraits, or maybe one of the over 100 Vogue covers he has shot. Part of what made his work so incredible is his lighting.

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