This History Behind This WW2 Machine Gun Camera Is Fascinating

For $6,100, you can have this Machine Gun Camera, which is a piece of history.

Our Declassified series has uncovered some fascinating stories about photography and the military. But, the story behind this machine gun camera is unlike anything that we’ve seen. We’ve known about cameras mounted to planes for reconnaissance, however, we didn’t realize that kill confirmations were captured like this. Indeed, that’s what the Konishoruko Rokuoh-Sha Type 89 camera was designed for. When mounted onto a machine gun, it captured footage as it all happened. This is done in some ways today too, but back during World War it was pretty challenging to accomplish. So, how they did it and preserved the film is incredibly smart.

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While in Mid Air, Bradley Wentzel Photographs Planes Like No Other

All images by Bradley Wentzel. Used with permission. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

Most folks try to photograph other airplanes from the ground, but Bradley Wentzel is a special type of creative. He photographs from the air. This isn’t just a photography job, but also one of complete orchestration. “Directing aircraft in flight was the biggest learning curve,” says Brad. “With most other subject matter, you have the freedom to walk around, crouch, move forward and backwards, etc. pretty freely, but when you are in the air with another aircraft, those basic functions can become difficult. There’s no room for guess work or error when planes are just a few feet away from each other so there is a lot of planning ahead of time with all of the pilots and people involved.” If that doesn’t sound like a lot of pressure to you, then we’re not sure what does. In fact, I originally thought Bradley was piloting and photographing at the same time. But this sounds even more intense.

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Review: Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L (A Most Frustrating Camera Bag)

The Peak Design Travel Backpack has a lot wrong with it.

I spent perhaps an hour talking about this review with Imaging Resource’s Jaron Schneider before I even started writing it for the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L. We spoke amongst ourselves and a number of other journalists on a press trip. In short, none of us like it; the only person I’ve met who does like it is a random guy on the plane who seemed a lot like an influencer or part of what I like to call the Peak Design cult. I tend to be harder on Peak Design products because I know they’re a company that can do better; they hired a designer from Apple for Christ’s sake! They’re a company that consistently hauls in more money than I’ll probably ever see in my life and unfortunately, this ranks up there with the lens swapper as one of the worst products I’ve ever used from Peak Design.

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How to Shoot Better Travel Photography From Airplanes Using Your Phone

Shooting photos from planes can honestly be tough to do some times, but believe it or not what really, truly matters in the end is the final result. If you’re one of those folks sitting at a window seat, you should really take advantage of all the intoxicating views that are granted to you to the best of your ability. Of course, you’ll generally need to be some place away from the wings for starters and then you can concentrate on whatever is in front of of you so that you can share that gorgeous vista later on with all your friends on social media.

Take the advice of a photo editor who travels a whole lot for work.

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Advice for the Globetrotting Street Photographer


With summer around the corner, you may find yourself preparing for a trip abroad. After booking your flight, you’ll find that packing is almost always your primary concern, and your gear factors into that. The amount of gear you bring will be determined by, among other things, the length of your trip and how much time you’ll have to photograph. Once you get there, what will you photograph?

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