Luminar AI Update 3 – Just How Good Is the Update?

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In addition to native support for Apple’s new M1 machines, the latest update to Luminar AI promises improvements for a handful of features. Enhancements to their Sky AI algorithm are at the top of the list to provide more realistic looks and greater control for your sky replacement cravings. There’s also better sky detection and separate controls for moving your replaced sky and its reflection (if any). Augmented Sky AI is a new tool added to help with the addition of objects to your sky. Keep reading to see how these updates fared in our tests.

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AI Photo Editing Could Open The Industry to New Levels of Creativity

Let’s imagine a world where AI did our editing for us.

Okay, let’s get to it. I loathe editing. It takes time, it can be tedious, and it’s something I just don’t enjoy. I know many photographers feel the same. Of course, you can outsource it, but that can quickly become expensive. But what if we could program AI (artificial intelligence) to understand what we like in terms of aesthetics and never have to waste time moving sliders again?

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A.I. Edited This Photo, It’s Not Bad: Luminar A.I. Review

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From replacing the sky to correcting acne, Skylum Luminar is one of the most forward-thinking photo editors using artificial intelligence. Now, Skylum has re-packaged the biggest A.I. tools into a single, straight-forward program. Using A.I.-based templates mixed with traditional editing tools, Luminar A.I. aims to both help photographers edit faster and help non-photographers complete advanced edits.

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