Jack Simpson Gets Beautiful Street Photographs with His Fuji Cameras

I have always had a very strong desire to create… I’ve pursued being a musician, graphic designer, sign painter, and now a professional photographer where I seem to have found my creative calling. Photography has allowed me a means to create in any setting while allowing me to express myself visually by borrowing inspiration from my surroundings and experiences. Photography is quick and efficient: a universal language that allows for an extremely wide range of styles, techniques, and approaches – the result is much like painting, but plays very well with my impatient nature.

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Can We Regain The Lost Romance of a Camera’s Shutter Sound?

It’s gone, and it’s probably never going to come back.

*Click* The sound of a camera’s shutter is so incredibly iconic. I don’t believe I know a single photographer that wouldn’t agree. Actually, let me rephrase that. I don’t think I know a single camera lover that doesn’t have a favorite shutter sound. Passionate photographers come in all shapes, sizes, and professionals. But camera lovers really adore their products. And you can’t necessarily call them techies. Instead, they’re admirers in the same way that watch lovers appreciate a good automatic vs. an Apple watch.

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Op ED: We’re Going to Need Ultra Fast Lenses or AI Developed Bokeh

The next step and evolution of mirrorless camera systems needs to be ultra fast lenses.

“Whoa, that’s some intense bokeh,” one of my best friends said to me the other day in a Discord hangout. He was referring to my using the Canon EOS R with the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM lens. It kept my face in focus the entire time and was quite fast about it too. And if you gauge the trends that people with smartphones do when it comes to artificial bokeh, this is going to need to be the next step. Otherwise, there may be a need to boost the bokeh artificially–unless the manufacturers wish to embrace the idea of the camera being a luxury. But otherwise, it’s very fair to say that due to the incredible efforts of engineers, we’ve pretty much reached peak lens.

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I Told Myself I Wouldn’t Buy Another Leica, But I Was Stupid to Say So

Leica cameras are beautiful, but I thought I grew out of them.

Everything I can do with a Leica camera I can do with any other camera. What makes Leicas so special are their lenses and how they work specifically with the sensors in their cameras. I’m referring specifically to the M series. The L mount cameras and the Leica Q series are nice, but with their price points they don’t make a lot of sense for the type of work I do. If I did a lot of photojournalism in war zones, the Leica SL would be a mainstay. I still own my Leica CL film camera, and after selling my Leica M4P I have come to be at peace with letting it go. But, the itch came roaring back. And as a gift to myself for the site turning 10 years old, I bought an old Leica M6 TTL. I’m sure no one would be able to tell what came from my Hexar AF and what came from the Leica M6 unless they really knew the differences of the images straight out of the camera. To that end, I accepted that the Leica M cameras were a luxurious item for me and my film photography–but film in and of itself is really a luxury.

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Evelyn Bencicova’s “artificial tears” Puts a Beautiful Spin on Mundane Life

All images by Evelyn Bencicova. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We hear the phrase “art imitates life” every now and then, but I think sometimes we see “imitations” that make us wish life can be just as artful in the real world. I was recently reminded of this as I browsed through the beautiful set by Bratislava-based photographer and art director, Evelyn Bencicova.

Entitled artificial tears, Evelyn’s set lets us follow a lone subject who appears to be going about her days, which seem mostly hushed and unhurried. Many of the scenes we witness are relatable and familiar. Stressful days at work, solo walks around town, daily chores we sometimes don’t want to be bothered with, an occasional visit to the local museum or art gallery, random Instax-worthy moments, and sometimes just doing nothing but staying still. Everything feels so everyday that I can almost hear many of you say, “Yeah, been there, done that.”

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Anders Lönnfeldt: On the Aesthetics of Photographing Watches

All images by Anders Lönnfeldt. Used with permission.

Photographer Anders Lönnfeldt wanted to try something new: photographing watches. Much different from the mountains and landscapes that he otherwise keeps to, the watch photography world is one that is attractive to him.

If there are any geeks that are more particular about details that photo geeks, it’s probably watch geeks and all those that freak out about them. And if you’re a watch geek, you’ve most likely noticed a very relatable and typical look when it comes to lifestyle imagery. It often involves a watch on a specific wrist, clothing that says a bit about the person wearing it, and a background where someone can imagine themselves. It’s typical and relatable due to the fact that it transports viewers to a specific place.

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Lina Skukauskė: The Art of Lifestyle Product Photography


All images by Lina Skukauskė. Used with permission.


Lina Skukauskė is a Lithuanian lifestyle photographer currently living & working in Munich, Germany. She loves creating what she calls “aesthetic, high-quality images.” This is surely evident just by glancing at her Behance profile. She focuses on hospitality and lifestyle photography- subjects such as interiors, food, travel & people and her images are used by various business owners for their branding and marketing.

Part of her aesthetics come from the fact that she wasn’t originally all about photography. Instead, she embraced drawing.

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Yvonne Cornell: Aesthetics in Food Photography

Gnochetti en brodo

All images by Yvonne Cornell. Used with permission.

“I’m an explorer in search of old things, slow living and good food,” says photographer Yvonne Cornell. Yvonne is behind the Following Breadcrumbs food blog, and her images are bound to get you hungry. For her, the story makes the recipe–and that’s what she loves to capture. To that end, Yvonne also says that she find inspiration in literature.

And for most of you, you’ll love to know that her favorite piece of gear is soft, natural light.

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The Basics of Photography: B for Bokeh

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica M8 + Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 Bokeh

A while ago we started our new educational series covering the basic terms of photography. The letter ‘A’ covered the term ‘Aperture’, and today we continue with the letter ‘B’. Our subject for ‘B’ is ‘Bokeh’–a term that is inevitable these days. As a beginner in photography, you will no doubt stumble upon it at some point or another. And you will find many people raving about it, and others railing against it. But what is ‘bokeh’, really? Head past the break to find out.

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