Catch and Release Is a Stock Image Site with a Unique Twist

Catch and Release Harbor

Catch and Release’s new content contributor network is the anti-Unsplash and this is a very good thing for photographers and creatives everywhere.

Stock photography used to be an incredibly lucrative way for photographers and creatives to make good money. The rise of smartphones and everyone having a camera turned the industry sour. As the market became flooded with images, organizations like Unsplash not only stuck the knife in, they twisted it too. Now, a new company called Catch and Release is hoping to change all of that with a new way for creatives to share their work and get paid fairly with their take on a content contributor network. Find out more details after the break.

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Adobe Celebrates Multilocalism with a New Visual Trend

With cities across the globe now homes to many different cultures, traditions, and identities, Adobe explores what it means to be multilocal

A New Yorker who finds himself working in London this month and in Shanghai next month is no longer unheard of. More and more cities are becoming known as melting pots of cultures and traditions. Today’s creatives and entrepreneurs are also finding themselves inspired by the places they visit and they let the experiences bleed into their work. The result is an exciting, clever visual trend aptly called multilocalism. Adobe dives deep into what it brings to the creative scene with a recent blog post.

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Adobe Updates Photoshop CC to Include Content Aware Cropping


Adobe is updating their Photoshop CC app today in addition to bringing in a bunch of new updates to the Creative Cloud and integration. For example, there is now a deeper way to integrate CC with Adobe Stock that are leading up to the addition of the new Adobe new Stock Contributor Portal. What this is essentially going to do is use intelligent-tagging capabilities that help do it all automatically for you. It’s almost as if you don’t need to know a thing about SEO anymore.

Then there are all the features coming to Photoshop like Content Aware Cropping, Face-Aware Liquify (which can do lots of simple retouches like opening someone’s eyes a bit more) etc. More after the jump.

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