Adobe Celebrates Multilocalism with a New Visual Trend

With cities across the globe now homes to many different cultures, traditions, and identities, Adobe explores what it means to be multilocal

A New Yorker who finds himself working in London this month and in Shanghai next month is no longer unheard of. More and more cities are becoming known as melting pots of cultures and traditions. Today’s creatives and entrepreneurs are also finding themselves inspired by the places they visit and they let the experiences bleed into their work. The result is an exciting, clever visual trend aptly called multilocalism. Adobe dives deep into what it brings to the creative scene with a recent blog post.

In a nutshell, Adobe described this trend as a byproduct of technology, travel, and migration; shrinking the world we live in and allowing us to build and strengthen our connections with each other. Here on The Phoblographer, for example, you can read about the works of outstanding photographers from around the world. You can take a peek at what their hometown looks like, or how the world looks like from their perspective, and through their lens. Many of them also travel far and wide to document causes and cultures that immensely fascinate them. Photographers, therefore, are one of the key drivers of this trend. They always have been, not only with their professional projects but also with their personal works.

Adobe presents a great example by collaborating with UK-based photographer and Adobe Stock contributor Andy Smith. For this exclusive Adobe Stock Premium collection, he captured everyday life in London through a mixture of portraits and documentary-style images.

“Photographers are generally curious and observant by nature, so we’re all ‘experts’ in our own local areas and can show what it’s like to live where we live at this point in time,” Andy related of photographers’ key strengths.

What’s the takeaway for creatives, brands, and designers when it comes to working with this visual trend? Adobe says it’s all about striking a delicate balance. “Images need to embrace true, local moments without appropriating them, and to celebrate the local while elevating our shared global connections.”

Find out more and be inspired through this visual trend on this Adobe Blog post and this feature on Andy Smith’s London portraits.


Screenshot image from the video by Adobe Creative Cloud