How to Get Lightroom’s Basic Adjustments Panel in Capture One

The one thing you probably really miss about Lightroom can be easily recovered in Capture One

Fact: Most people using Adobe Lightroom when editing really just use the basic adjustments panel. I mean think about it – that’s why the company made a completely different version of the software for folks who know nothing about editing. Well, if you’re moving into Capture One and editing more heavily or want something with much more power, you should know about how you can get something that’s more or less the equivalent of Lightroom’s Basic adjustments panel in Capture One.

In today’s tutorial video, we’ll show you how to get it and its advantages and disadvantages.

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How to Import Your Lightroom Catalogs into Capture One

If you’re looking to move away from Adobe Lightroom and you’ve become frustrated with a lot of the issues the program has (including its sloth-like pace), then you may want to try Capture One 10. Personally, I’ve been working with it for months and I’m smitten! Ever since I published my last piece about it, we’ve had questions about how to import your catalogs from Lightroom into Capture One. At the moment of publishing this post, it’s in Beta but it’s bound to be improved.

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How I’ve Changed My Adobe Lightroom Editing Workflow

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 2.49.02 PM

How do you go about editing an image in Adobe Lightroom?

Most photographers tend to start at the top of the editing panel and work their way down. But that can just make the overall editing process tougher. The top treatment panel allows the photographer to make adjustments that affect the entire image so when you go to fine tune the adjustments, it can be tougher.

What I’ve started to find to be easier is making the specific adjustments first to the image and then working on the more global settings that affect everything. This can be more work but it has also given me much better images in the end.

After the jump, we’ve got a short video talking about how I’ve changed my editing workflow along with the results changing right before your eyes.

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